Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Bit Bothered

Ohhhh, I am getting more than fed up! I am just finishing the last motif of this round which took longer than it needs to, as I am also paying with Under An African Sky - for the sake of sanity.

Now it will not even fit on the chair, but I have not yet re-measured it. Considering it is tatted in #12 Perle, it is pretty darned large.

Lovely pretties in the post from Frivole for me, 
and from Marta for me and The Boss!

From Marta
From Frivole
Lucky me!

AND lucky Mr G,
who received mail from Kos, from Auntie Margaret!
Thanks to Frivole, Margaret and Marta! : )


  1. Goodness gracious! That looks like it would almost cover my entire dining room table! ! ! It is gorgeous! Love your Therapy! ;) Looks like you and Mr G are well loved!

  2. Gosh the mat is growing, it's going to be a tablecloth. I look forward to seeing your under the African sky mat.
    Gorgeous earrings, lovely pendant and I am glad you liked your postcard.
    Love to Gian

  3. Don't be fed up with the Stawasz piece… it's magnificent! Lucky you getting presents from all over the world. I like the necklace, do you have more info on it? What's the stone? Is it Marta's own design? It looks like Tatsmith's way of tatting around a stone.

    1. If I can answer your questions: in this necklace is a cabochon of white glass.
      And yes, it is my own design. In fact, it is a "no project" because I make these necklaces without pattern: I start and further leads me thread ;)
      I started making necklaces such as this from that here:

    2. Thanks, Marta! I wasn't sure what to say!
      Fox : )

    3. Thank you very much Marta. I like your design!

  4. Love the scalloped effect. Beautiful.
    African sky doily coming along nicely. Posting mine tonight.
    Lucky you indeed with a gorgeous necklace and earrings.
    Cute postcard from Margaret with cats of Kos. What did Gian have to say?

  5. Your Stawasz doily is stunning!!! :) Awesome job on it!!! :)
    Your African sky doily is coming along very nicely!! :)

  6. Ohhhhhh.....I am almost awe of that beautiful Stawasz doily. It is beautiful. (Next year's fair entry?)

  7. Wow that's really beautiful and big great picture! And all your gifts are beautiful love the necklace and owl is spectacular, and earrings, I am sure the gifts are a great pick me up for your your frustrations with the first doily :)

  8. You deserve these nice gifts, Fox, you are so DAPPER!

  9. Fox. What can I say? I am so proud of you for getting so far with the Stawasz doily. It is truly a beautiful heirloom piece and you should be incredibly proud of what you have achieved!.