Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mending and the Mail

Today the bandage came off! Wow. It was certainly difficult to tat for the past few days. Ah, how we tatters bravely struggle!

However, I did manage another pair of socks for Miss Hayley, whom I won't meet now till next week - enough time to finish the last pair, as they came in a set of three.

A big thank you to Ninetta, who surprised me with a wonderful package.
The pink pig is for The Boss, who adores pink and no doubt loves pigs too!

Lovely strip of linen, stitched along the side by Ninetta in blue, to match the DMC thread so that I might add a border. The shells, beads and little art piece are from Nanetta's travels, and of course there is her beautifully tatted wreath. What a fun gift to receive out of the blue! Lucky me. : )

Front and Back of Venetian Buttons. I love these buttons!


  1. I love the little socks they are fun to make and glad your bandage came off and I am sure the tatting makes you heal up faster :) I received a lovely package too, from the same friend :) She is sweet as honey and her tatting is even prettier up close!