Monday, August 11, 2014

Team Tat

One of my Grandsons asked for a blue tatted piece. He is a Ranger fan. I had promised a large piece - at his request not my suggestion - and wanted him to see I have not forgotten, so I tatted Lisa Trumble’s design, but added a third row in white to complete the New York Rangers’ team colours. I will put it in the post today.

I learned something tatting this.

It took only about half an hour to tat this and I realized I couldn’t wait to finish it as I was bored! 

This reaction surprised me, as I had been looking forward to a short hiatus; the Monster D... and the Russian piece are stressful. I thought this would be an enjoyable break.

Seems I am not at all into tatting small patterns anymore. Too fiddly and my ADD mind wanders away quickly. The larger, more demanding pieces seem to keep me engrossed and focussed, though I would have imagined that they would not hold my concentration because of the repetitiveness. Seems I was wrong.

I am also tiring of the blog. Maintaining a hobby (aside from photography) for as long as I have tatting - nearly 6 years - is precedent-setting and having kept up tat-ology this long is astounding! 

What is the new medium? Facebook Twitter? Where do tatters share info these days?


  1. I didn't know Lisa Trumble's work and now this is the second time in a week. I hope your grandson will like it. I gather that there are active tatting groups on Facebook, though I don't belong to any myself. I'll be sorry if you don't blog any more, I like seeing what you're up to.

    1. I must have seen the same thing earlier this week! I saw the button pattern and had the red button... Don’t think I have noticed this tatter’s work before. : )

      Thanks - re the blog. I find it has become a chore. That is so not a good way to feel. So, I am trying to come up with an alternative way to keep in touch with tatters.It is something I have been thinking about for about 6 months, but have not arrived at a solution.

  2. I'm sure there are tatting groups 'out there' somewhere. I'd miss your blog if you quit - I enjoy seeing your tatting (and Mr. G). Still....keeping a blog is not a 'have to' thing....

  3. I`m sure your grandson with love your tatted motif!!
    Have a good day!!

  4. I have not been blogging as long as you and wonder if just tatting once a month would be better for me, cause I like to do many other things too, but can't.

  5. The trouble with Facebook is that things are on the timeline and then disappear. As I don't 'go' to Facebook very often I'd miss seeing what you do. I love reading blogs as I can choose when to read. Not at all keen on Facebook!!!!!

  6. as I understand your weariness! blogging takes time when you want to do well.
    I abandoned my blog 'embroidery' because of it ... and then it was no longer a way to communicate with the other embroiderers, invaded by Face book, Pinterest and other features offered by Google+.
    I'm not sure that all Tatters go on Facebook or Twitters : it seems to me not so much adapted to our hobby ...
    There are probably other ways to stay in touch with Lace Tatters
    but it's so nice to come and live on blog like yours ...
    I hope you will continue a little longer;-)
    and wish you nice day

  7. Great motif, I am sure he will love it,
    I would miss you if you stopped posting on your blog, I joined Facebook recently but only for family and close friends, there are several tatting groups, which I was invited to join. At the moment I have not joined and they know why.
    Perhaps only posting once or twice a week might be the answer to your problem.
    Love to Gian,

  8. I would hate for you to do the disappearing act from blogland !! :-(((
    I do understand that blogging can be demanding, & face it myself. I do much more handiwork than I blog about. Not because i don't want to share, but because linking correctly, writing it all out, organizing, etc.etc. takes up too much time. Not to mention server/computer/internet woes.
    There definitely Are many groups on Facebook & they seem to be increasing. So you will be able to continue with your tatting companionship &/or make new friends. But for those of us who are not on fb or t, you will be sorely missed :-(
    And I agree with Jane about the leisure & flexibility reading a blogpost offers. It's always there :-)) And I still haven't been able to go through your earlier posts !

    Whatever you decide, hope you Enjoy :-)))
    With best wishes ....

  9. Nothing lasts forever, and if blogging is now something you feel you "must "do, then yes, it is time to stop. Perhaps just take an extended break? I recently joined Facebook, but I do agree with Jane that things are there one day but hard to find again just a few hours later.I don't understand how it all works .All rather deeply philosophical, isn't it? - the need to have instant communication? Maybe we all need to switch off occasionally.

  10. I enjoy being able to catch up when I have the time, and posts on FB as Jane says, do disappear, while those on blogs are available when there is time.
    Might it be easier to post if you do it less often? tho the posts would be larger of course. I know that I haven't posted for a while, but you know why. I do have pictures and am planning on a post this eve that will catch up with things a bit.
    You need to do what works for you.

  11. Great motif!! :)
    I love seeing your blog, so you will be missed if you don't blog any longer!!! :)

  12. Aww, I am sorry to hear you are losing motivation for your blog - i really like reading your posts and was quite disappointed when I couldn't find them for a while after you moved. I try not to let my blog get to me, and when life interferes I have no qualms about taking extended breaks. maybe that would help you as well. As much as I enjoy reading your blog, I often wonder how you have the motivation to post so much!

  13. Tatters,
    I do appreciate your thoughtful responses to this post.

    I have been pondering this for quite some time and your input has heped me come to some kind of resolution. Thank you. : )

    I’ll post about my plan of action in the next few days. xxoo Fox : )

  14. I'd miss your posts also, but I totally understand about blogging. I never did post a lot, but I only manage to get a few posts up a year now. I've had a lot going on and no energy left over to do more than read other people's blogs. :) If it feels like a chore rather than fun . . . well, it's hard to keep going!

    I'm another one who is not on FB or any of the other social media . . . their policies are just too invasive for my taste. I hope we don't lose you (and Mr. G!), but I would understand! We'll await your plan of action! :)

  15. Forgive me for being so late to the party, as it were, but I would sorely miss seeing your work if you didn't post SOMEWHERE anymore. And Facebook is definitely NOT the place (Twitter, sadly is being usurped by Instagram and one or two other picture mediums -- but it has been a nice place to post a short "New Post on Ambitatterous: link] to get extra eyes on the spot where you will be sharing your work. Facebook works for this too, but not nearly as many folks are regularly on FB as read your blog. I have an eear to the ground for a new way to communicate so I will keep you posted!

  16. I'm sorry to hear that the blog is not fun any more. I, too, would miss your posts. I'm always amazed at how much tatting you get done and then post about it, too. I'm hoping you find a way to keep in touch that works for you.

  17. I am an intermittent poster at can not say to keep on at something that I am unable to do myself. However, I would like for you to know that I enjoy your posts and even were you to only post very occasionally I would still always find it a delight to see an update pop up in my blog reader.

  18. I think your grandson will like that tat, Fox.
    As for blogging, I found I was stressing myself out trying to post 3 times a week, so I decided to drop to one post/week, and it fits me better. Sometimes I stretch that out to every two weeks when I am too busy. Perhaps that is something you might consider? I know I would miss your posts and seeing your tatting and Mr. G., if you stopped altogether.
    I'm on FB, but only to keep in touch with family and friends, and not for any other reason.