Saturday, August 9, 2014

Frustrating Frill

Beside myself... The iron did not get rid of it. I know Umintsuru had the same issues, but I am still disgruntled; I have tatted this so often and am really paying attention to tension, but ruffle it does. : (

I'll carry on, but am not hopeful. 


  1. I think as you add more rounds it should level out the weight might stop the ruffle.
    You know what they say these days,....... Carry on keep tatting
    Love to Gian

  2. I am sorry that you are having issues with this.
    When I was tatting the Mystery Doily it ruffled at one stage but straighten out when more rounds were added. I don't know about this one that you are tatting now, but there may still be hope for it yet.

  3. Wow, you are a real trooper, I wonder if you wet it and pinned it down to dry, may be the steam made it release in the wrong spots, maybe?

  4. Have you tried immersing the whole piece and blocking it? - you might need to do that after every round until it settles down.

  5. if It is too large, perhaps there is a little mistake in the number of the rings ?
    nice color !
    I wish you a nice day

  6. Thanks, I tried immersing it, and when it dried it was improved, though still frilling a bit. Maybe the next rows will make a favourable difference. I hope so!

  7. It's still beautiful. It's a challenging doily and you've started it so many times! I'm impressed! May be only a problem of tension in the thread, this doily stressed you out so much that you lost your well known self-control (poor Mr G.!) and you loosened chains between rings. Then, I think that the next row will stretch rings, now they look rounded, not oval. Relax and have fun! You are a Master Tatter!

  8. You certainly enjoy a challenge don't you. I wouldn't be surprised if this straightened it self out with a few more rows. Things have a way of doing that.