Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Terrifically Teal

Yes, I bought some  Finca Perle #8, because I lusted for immediate thread; instant gratification required.

In order to fulfill my desire to tat SOMETHING while awaiting the tardy delivery of DMC Perle for the Jan Stawasz Monster Doily,  I paid a visit to the local Crochet Shop the other day to get some Finca for Renulek's new collar pattern. 

I always complain about this thread, but hey! After Lizbeth, anything would be a lovely thread! : ))

I just finished the second row and am pleased to be done with the beads, which are difficult to get onto the rather soft and fibrous thread, but I do like the colour of the beads. As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew I wanted to use these two colours of teal.

The third row has been posted for this collar pattern on Renukek's blog, so off I go to begin it.
Notice the lovely teal LaCossette shuttle? Perfect Match. :)

The amazing Diane's package arrived! I had asked her for a shuttle like the ones she gives to her students, so I could begin to teach The Boss to tat. I also asked for a sample of fat thread as I have none, nor did I have a big shuttle. You guys know me - get rid of everything!!!
This arrived in the post:
I couldn't believe this fabulous gift! 
Thank you so much, Diane! 

The Boss has been looking at Diane's blog and is very excited to get a shuttle from my tatting buddy. She will be overwhelmed, I'm sure, as I was. 

What a great introduction to learning about Fancy Pants!


  1. This is indeed a nice collat with very decorative teal beads and a chic shuttle to make it!
    I envir you gor teaching tatting to your granddaughter.
    But , please, tell me: what are fancy pants??

    1. Tally, the shape of a ds is loke a pair of pants showing both legs! Look at a stitch and you will see. : ))

    2. Aaah! Thank you, fox. I call it little houses. With a roof!

  2. Your collar is wonderful!!! :)
    Can't wait to see the Boss' tatting!!! :)

  3. :) when I show tatting to children, I call the ds "the little mushroom"!
    I love how you put beads in your collar, like drops of colour.

  4. Matching your shuttles to your threads and beads is no less than we have come to expect of your blog! - that is a really wonderful gift from Diane, good luck with the lessons.

  5. It's going to be gorgeous! Sorry to hear that you, too, are not enchanted with Lizbeth thread. My latest ball was practically crap. I've been tatting with Flora this week and it's so superior...wish it was still widely available.

  6. Love the turquoise beads. Ah, I look forward to hearing about another tatting learner!

  7. Lovely collar, I like the way you have put the beads into it.
    What a lovely surprise for the boss, I hope she enjoys tatting, as much as you do
    Love to Gian

  8. Monster Doily! I may have to start calling it this myself. I just know when you get started, you will zip right past the rest of us. I do hope that I can keep up and make it to the end...it is very intimidating!

  9. Diane is a sweety and what a fun bag of gifts, you also have share many beautiful motifs with the upcoming tatters! I am not as far along on the collar as you and you even got beads looks great I was thinking of putting some on at the end edge :)

  10. Doesn't everyone match their shuttle to either the thread or the beads? ;-)

  11. Such a sweet little collar and I love the way you used the beads, such a delicate dot of color to "glue" the rows together. That's what it looks like to me anyway! Beautiful, delicate little jewels of turquoise nestled in there! Pretty, pretty! ! !