Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tatter’s Intuition

( Hi Tally!)
Adelheid Dangela
Occhi Patchwork

An example of fussy tatting! It was fun to do, if a but fiddly. Seems it has taken about five years for me to figure out the directions for these onion rings! I certify that there was no offensive language in the tatting of these rings. 

Hankie is done. I wish it were not so stiff. I find it difficult to believe that this is 100% cotton. I can’t get the wrinkles out, even with a hot steam iron!

You can easily see that the blue thred is not quite the right colour, but it works anyway. Luckily I had just enough to finish the hankie. That is the last of the #40 Lizbeth, so it is amazing I had blue at all.

The Hoop-la is an easy one-shuttle pattern and tats up very quickly, especially in the larger thread.

Over the weekend I was at my son’s house for dinner. When I arrived home I realized I had not got my LaCossette shuttle and Tat-Pic, both of which had been in my tatting pouch. 

Realizing that while sitting on the patio, when I had jumped up to grab a naughty child in flight, I must have caused the items to tumble to the ground. There was nowhere else I had been with my tatting.

I texted my Daughter-in-law, asking her to check outside. I just knew they were under the pillows of the chair.

She texted back the next day that she had looked but they were not to be found. She said I must have misplaced them elsewhere.

Now, not that I trust no one, and not that I do not believe what I am reassured, but beware a tatter who has lost one of her absolute favourite LaCossette shuttles! 

As soon as I could manage it, I drove to my son’s house and proceeded to look all around the deck where it was very wet as there had been a thunderstorm the night before. 

Rain! Wet! Water! Oh no!

My daughter-in-law, to her credit, showed not a hint of irritation at my fumbling around her patio after she had assured me there was nothing to be found. 

When I moved the furniture and looked carefully, there it was! Under the chair! Damp but safe. Apparently, after I had left, my son had removed the pillows because of the impending rain, causing the tatting stuff to tumble unseen to the ground.

The Tat-Pic did not fare quite as well, as it had fallen where it got a bit of rain on it. I put a bit of clear nail polish on a spot on the underside, where the finish had become a bit rough. It is now just fine as well.

I am relieved not only that I found the lost items, but also that I had trusted my inner voice, which demanded I scour that patio for my little treasures! A good lesson in trusting one’s hunches...


  1. Glad you found them! The hanky is pretty. I think cotton can be quite stiff. I love cotton, but it's not always easy to launder.

  2. So glad you found the missing shuttle and Tat-Pic and they're ok after the rain. Losing a favorite shuttle would be awful! The onion rings (the whole medallion) look great - so good Mr. G's ears didn't have to 'suffer' while you were working on them. I'm sure he appreciates it. ;-)

  3. I'd have gone looking as well. I'm so glad you found your shuttle and tat-pic with minimum damage. I haven't tatted many onion rings. Yours look terrific! I love the hanky. I have no clue as to how to remove the wrinkles. I guess I should have paid better attention to what my mom had to say when she was teaching me to iron.

  4. Very obviously a case of the Danish Nisser teasing you - they hid them and then put them back. I'm glad you found them, I can imagine your joy when you did.

    1. FoxWednesday, July 2, 2014 at 6:08:00 PM EDT
      Oh, kind of like the first Nations' Trickster, or Nanabudh or Kokapelli- except the three I mentioned have naught to do with Christmas. Thanks for that, Maureen. I love learning something new! : )

  5. That is a beautiful motif and what a story with climax and happy ending :) I to go insane when can't find it.

  6. That's a pretty bit of tatting! I'm so glad you persevered and found your shuttle and there was no damage done!

  7. Hi Fox

    Lovely motif I love onion rings and you have done a great job with the motif.
    Lovely hanky, lovely blue edging matching the hanky beautifully.
    I am so glad you found your shuttle and it was not ruined.
    Love to Gian

  8. Fox : you make such beautiful works, it is always a pleasure to visit you here.
    I'm like you, I do not like losing my shuttles and I am delighted that you have found them
    you had reason to persist!
    have a nice day

  9. Fabulous hanky edging!!! :)
    It's so good that you found your tatting equipment!! :)

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  11. How my mother and i clean all our lace: from bruges, crochetedor tatted. Pit your lace in a vooking pot with cold water and washing powder. Soak for a while . Switch on the heat znd allow to boil just once. Rince in tepid water. Put the lace under a dry , clean tea cloth and work carefully on it with a steam iron. It is not hardh. Cotton can take this.

  12. Glad you found your shuttle, Fox! Brussel looks great in that thread, good job on the onion rings! The hanky edging looks wonderful.
    As for the wrinkles--have you tried damp stretching? ( tack the hanky tightly to a solid surface ( I use a cork bulletin board) every half inch to an inch, making sure the hanky is squared up. [I tack middle top, middle bottom, left of middle top, left of middle bottom etc. and then the sides- you probably know this] Once it's taut, spray with water until the fabric is damp through, and let it sit pinned overnight. Hope this helps.