Thursday, July 17, 2014

Splendid Schedule

I LOVE the DMC #12 Perle! It is always a risk to order thread one hasn’t used before. I got lucky this time. It is tiny but not too difficult to un-tat, an activity I have had to employ already!

The thread is shiny, sleek and smooth to work with. It is quite soft,  (2-strand) probably not as durable as a 6 ply, but it will be cared for so I am not concerned with that factor. 

However, I am delighted with the beginning. : )

Since this is to be a gift, I am doubley-pleased that the project has begun well. The colour is so pretty - a very pale honey/cream. It is called cream, but it has a warm, underlying gold tone. Love it.

AND, my daughter - the one who would never give tatting her attention if it weren’t for her politness because I am her mom -  would like very much to have a piece similar to this one that I am tatting for my daughter-in-law! I offered and she accepted. I am shocked and very pleased.

So, it appears that I have large projects planned and since I seem to enjoy the big ones, my time looks to be well-occupied on the tatting front for quite a while. : )

Maybe I should work on both at the same time? That way I could go back and forth... Now, what colour shall I pick fpor the second one? I think Ill tat it in the DMC Perle as well. 


  1. Phew, thank goodness the thread for such a big project is a good one. It gives a lovely crisp look to the tatting. Good start.

    1. Jane, I am relieved to read that you say it looks crisp! I wasn’t sure about that. You made my day! Thanks. ; )

    2. What feature color is in your daughter's home? Maybe she can tell you what color would make a good match.

    3. Yes, BT, I shall gave to consult. She is very picky... Hmmmm, make that particular! : ))

  2. One can see the honey tones, even on the computer. Gorgeous!

    Isn't it wonderful when someone in your own family suddenly comments on tatting? Especially someone who really hasn't before? Yay!

  3. I am holding my breath!
    Hey, it's do good your daughter finally saw 'it'. Hard to explain what it is, but there is something about tatting.

  4. Just gorgeous! ! ! Love the design and the color! Perfect! :)

  5. I love using the DMC 12 perle for my tatting--I used it to do all the JK clusters and some of the JK chains on the wedding piece. Tat on!