Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recommencing Renulek

Almost done with this round, unpressed. I have a rather long collar here, as I have tatted it with the same number of repeats that Renata showed on her blog.

Laying it on a v-necked t-shirt though, I see that it is actually the correct length for an adult garment. It seems huge.

I wonder how many rows there will be.

Then I began adding the rings and chains to the completed centre of this Russian design. 

I must admit I am enjoying this far more the second time. The consistent thread has much to do with my improved mood. And guess what? The thread is - don’t gasp Miranda - Cèbèlia!

Desperate for something to tat this with that would not cost a fortune because of postage fees, I ordered a ball of the #30 from a Canadian outlet.

Promise I will not complain about the thread...

p.s. The Boss turned eight today!  EIGHT!!!


  1. Happy birthday to The Boss! I like Cebelia. The collar is going to be stunning. I look forward to seeing how many rows Renulek adds.

  2. Congratulations , Fox, for your granddaughter's birthday and for your magnificent collar! Yes, a V-necked t-shirt with a lace collar is something I would wear.
    I saw that our flower shop sells Queen Ann's lace. Because of your last mail, I noticed it.Thanks.

  3. I like your determination. That pink is so cheerful. I am sure it will be easier this time.

    I just bought 3 balls of Cebelia too. Sometimes you may just need 50g of thread for large projects. Learnt the hard way.

  4. I really love the collar - do you have a shirt in mind to attach it to?
    Eight? Time flies!

  5. Can't wait to see how that pink doily turns out this time. :D

  6. Ancolie wrote a comment that got dejected. Here it is:

    nice work, Fox !
    I stopped doing the collar of Renulek because it is too big for me too,
    plus rounding is not pretty, I think the picots of row 1 should be positioned positioned higher to better rounded ....

    I agree. It is big and I won't use it, but I am finishing it with more beads as I have put a lot of time into it... Why? I have no idea!