Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pursuing The Pristine

First, before the rant... the Hankie. 
Done and sewn. 

HDT is by karey Solomon, #40
Pattern by Mary Konior: Gossip
Pretty, isn’t it?

I even borrowed Frivole’s trick of embroidering a wee bit of another colour (here it is teal) in order to pick up the same in the thread.

Remember I could not iron out the blue-edged hankie, and wondered if it had been cut on the bias? 

Well, there is definitely something wrong with that fabric, as it is from the same manufacturer as this recent one and I had absolutley NO trouble ironing the yellow circle one. I tried yet again to get the blue one smooth, as I had the iron out anyway; no go. You can see the difference here:


I am making one mistake after another with this Monster Stawasz pattern! First I was contacted by a tatting friend who hesitated to tell me, but figured I’d best get a heads-up early rather than late. 

The second and third row were tatted bs instead of fs. Oh, The Horror.

I told her I would leave it and try very hard to be not so bloody TypeA-obsessive. HA!

Soon the scissors were slicing away and I re-tatted the two rows. I am much happier now. Thank you, Tatting Buddy!

Then on to the next blunders. The thread is so soft;  I am not as enthralled with it as initially, for it is difficult to keep a consistently good tension. And now I have sold all my Clovers! 

Now I wish I had not been so hasty.  (I am overly obsessive about keeping a lean stash... oh the pain of OCD!)

At any rate, I am half way through the next round and have had to cut twice. I even keep making the very same error! 

As this is a gift, I will continue to fix errors when I see them. Who am I kidding? I’d fix them anyway. Can a bird really change her feathers?


  1. I have a hanky like yours, that will not iron properly! - it's a Chinese one, with embroidery, I had to find another one to sew my edging too. I have found this particular post very useful! - firstly to realise that I can actually use a single skein of HDT if I pair it with matching thread - and secondly, that tip of adding a touch of appropriate colour to the hanky! Brilliant. I spent weeks and weeks tatting yards of edging which I thought would pick up the tiny splashes of colour in one of my hankies - but it didn't, it was the other colour that jumped out. Fortunately I haven't binned, it, since it was far to much work, and well-tatted too - no mistakes - and maybe I can add another flower to it and use the edging! It's still attached to the shuttles, fortunately.

    1. Oh that’s great, Maureen! I got those tips from other tatters, and it is lovely to be able to pass along such useful information! : )

  2. I've had to cut off six hours of tatting from the Monster Doily myself. Let's hope for no more mistakes, for the both of us!

    1. Six hours. - sounds about right! Yes, I hope we are over the rough bits now! : ))

  3. The hankies look lovely, have you tried ironing it wet, I had something that would not iron very well and I wet it and it worked. Just an idea for you.
    Your mat is looking lovely and I hope you can do a few more rounds without any cutting and snipping.
    Love to Gian.

    1. Thanks, Margaret, that didn't seem to work! Will try more water...

  4. Lovely hankies, it's a shame that the blue one won't iron as smooth as the yellow one. I watch your efforts with the doily from the sidelines. I think Jan's work is stunning, but daunting!

  5. An Alliterating Alligator Ambled About the Amazon,
    While a Fancy Furry Fox
    Tried To Teach her Tatting.
    When a White Whimsical Wombat Wailed fron the Woods:
    “I Love Lace! I Like Learning!”
    The alligator Ambled on coyly
    And the Fox tatted a D…y.


    1. .... Almost at abandoning alliteration absolutely! : )

    2. Cute verse :-))
      So who's going to have the final laugh yet ?!

    3. The edgings look superb ! I like the blue one even more ...
      It struck me, viewing the photo, that perhaps the blue hankie cloth was ironed with an overly hot iron earlier, leaving the tell-tale creasing ? If that is indeed the case , then it cannot be rectified :-(

      The doily is looking beautiful ♡♡♡

  6. Did you try damp stretching the blue doily, Fox? It might help.

    1. I did Suz. I have tried just about everything!