Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You Saw What?

I saw THIS!

Of course, it is obviously an advertisement foriPhone, but at first glance, I almost walked into the person ahead of me on the sidewalk! I was so happy that tatting had become so ubiquitous! 

After I realized my misinterpretation, I felt a slight tinge of embarrassment. Just a soup├žon. : ))

It is fortunate that I am trying not to run out of Karey's thread, because it would look so much better solely in her HDT. Because it is a straightforward pattern and the thread is #40, I am finding this a relaxing tat.

The pattern is The Oval Doily in Ecru by Linda Davies, and can be found here. It is free. Thank you, Linda!

It seems that the Stawasz piece I am so wanting to tat is available only in an old Polish magazine. Grrrr. I had thought it was in the two Jan Stawasz books that I own. So, I might just have to pick another pattern from one of the books. I'll keep you posted!


  1. If I saw something like that, my reaction would be the same :)
    PS. Which pattern you're looking for?

    1. Hi Marta!
      Elena tatted this and it is in her album at InTatters here:
      It's a beauty! : )

  2. Very funny! And the doily is very nice. I tell you it is ruff deciphering other languages patterns directions! looks like Marta is going to rescue you :)

  3. Has Gian won any prices in a contest yet? I have never seen a more beautiful cat!

  4. Oh, that Mr. G is such a handsome little devil! Is that the look he gives you when you're . . . ummmmmm . . . talking to your tatting? ? ? ;)

  5. Hi Fox

    Whose looking at who, my Gian you are looking gorgeous
    What a pity that pattern by Jan looked lovely and large, I know everyone wants to tat, but I don't want to commit so much time to tatting a large item at the moment, I am still on the Renulks summer doily.
    The oval doily is looking nice, I like your colours.

  6. That would have stopped me in my tracks! Your oval doily is looking very nice. I'm tempted to start another project, but I know that if I don't stay focused on Letnia, I'll never finish it. So, will you please stop tempting me to try other patterns?! ;-)

  7. Interesting.....but I thought you were going to say that Mr. G saw his shadow and said to himself....``look at me I`M BAT cat (I mean MAN)``

  8. Love the expression on Monsieur Gian!
    Your oval doily is so pretty.