Monday, June 23, 2014


This is Hoop-la, by Mary Konior. I had a dreadful time getting started, which I did at least six times before I realized I cannot tat this in #80 thread. No way. I just can't do it.

When I realized that I also remembered I have very little of any thread that is not teeny. Luckily, I had this Lizbeth #40 blue, which will be fine.

I love this edging and have wanted to tat it for ages.

Once I switched sizes, I couldn't figure out why it had been difficult. This is one of the only times I have had to switch a thread because it was just the wrong thickness for the pattern, even though the material of the hanky is quite fine, and seemed to call out for a #80 edging.

I bought this hankie in NYC, in my last journey there, in a huge Chinese shop in Soho. It was only a few dollars and had a straight edge, so I grabbed two. 

Unfortunately, though the label says it is 100% cotton, it feels loaded with starch or a stiffening agent, even after a good washing. But I like it anyway. : )

I am also working on this with Karey Solomon's wonderful HDT. Again I needed some # 40 to match with her #40. I had a good complimentary colour, but not much of it. I hope to have enough to finish!

 I also finished this little piece:

It is a Jan Stawasz pattern tatted in #80 Yarnplayer HDT.
Love the colour.

Oh yah, one more:
Adelheid Dangela
Occhi Patchwork"


  1. Oh those are all so nice, You make me want to tat more than I do! I am blaming you for making me start a new pattern every time I check out your blog :)

  2. Upswing? Your tatting is always beautiful! Even when you say it is not. :)

  3. OK, what a relief!! You are NOT bored of tatting!

    I LOVE that hanky with its one- shuttle blue border.

    Since that small motif is called 'Brabant' ,which is the name of a province in my country, I am wondering who was Adelheid Dangela. I already know that she was a gifted artist and tatter.
    The Internet has its advantages.

  4. My, my, you have been busy! Odd about the Mary Konior edging but it looks good now. All the pieces look good, but I do love the purple Yarnplayer color the best.

  5. Oh my goodness such awesome pieces and awesome colors!!!!! :)

  6. Funny thing, patterns and thread sizes - you would think that everything would be fine, regardless of what size thread is used for a pattern, but every once in a while a pattern pops up that just does *not* look 'right' (one I've tried repeatedly in small thread looks just AWFUL) unless you use a larger thread. The Hoopla edging looks lovely in the blue, and the purple Stawasz medallion is VERY pretty in that purple thread. Everything looks wonderful. I am hoping you have enough of the complementary color to finish the piece started with Karey's thread, too. Adelheid Dangela's patchwork medallions are gorgeous, too. Beautiful tatting!

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      It just occurred to me that I might try a dds in th Brabant pattern to strengthen up the chains. Thanks to you, I am aware of this technique... Fox : )

    2. Never hurts to try something a little different. ;-) Sometimes we seem to think best with our fingers. ;-) Can't wait to see how it turns out if you try it.

  7. Good gracious, girlie-girl! ! ! . . . do your days have 46 hours in them or something? ? ? ? ? Give Mr. G an extra pat for me . . . did his ears recover? ;)

  8. Hi Fox

    Lovely blue edging, I look forward to seeing it finished on the hanky, I am sure it going to be lovely.
    Lovely mofits I like the purple one another great design by Jan.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love to Gian

  9. Oh, they all look wonderful! Gee, every time I visit, I wish for more tatting time.........there are just not enough hours in the day. Thanks for keeping me inspired, Fox.