Sunday, April 27, 2014

Congratulations Renulek!

To see Renulek’s accomplishment this week, have a look, here

Jumping on the illustrious bandwagon, I have managed to begin her new napkin. 
Such an inspiration.

Thread: Venus #80 or 7#0 
Thanks Suneeti - or is it Liyarra?!

I was not supposed to begin this - says me - before 
I have done this, which now awaits the third snd last row. 

It is getting large, now measuring six inches across.

Good new about the hankie. 

I am really happy with the finished piece, but wish I had 
picked a different edging, though simple is good on this.

I sewed the picots to the back side to manage a neater frontside, but then the frilly part is lost.

The pattern is upside-down, I think. Perhaps I should have revised it and made the corners on the underside. Oh well. I like it - and I do not admit to that readily!

Thanks, Kristen! It is a lovely hankie. : )


  1. I love that shuttle! And the hankie! I think it came out beautifully! It's so pretty! I'm also loving the two you are working on. Very pretty colors and designs! The red almost looks slightly varigated, but I think it may just be the way the light it hitting it.

    1. Thank you! Red?. It is actually deep pink! Ah, the Internet...

  2. I like your hanky edginig. the color is perfect and the design works very well.
    The green doily is coming along very nicely. Your tatting always perfection.
    And the Summer Doily, will look very pretty with that start.

    I haven't started it yet, but intend to, in fact I ordered some special hand dyed thread just for it. I have an idea in mind of how I want the colors to look, so decided I needed some special thread. I should receive it by the end of the week.

    1. You are always so comment-kind, Ladytats. Thank you.

      I look forward to seeing your new thread and colour scheme, : )

  3. I think the hanky is lovely. Hard to keep up with Renulek, I haven't finished the Spring one yet! So glad she won an award for her work. I like your new heading, eye catching.

    1. Thanks, Jane! New domain, new heading! An excuse to play. : ))

  4. I can get here now! Gorgeous hankie by the way!

  5. Oh it is so nice to see all of your projects they are all beautiful fun post!

  6. Saw your move on Diane's blog. Looks good Fox. Creative Tatting Bliss...

  7. I like the hankie, but I get what you are saying about how it turned out seeming upside down. Live and learn but still lovely.

    I'm off to check out Renulek's news! Thanks for passing it along.

  8. Hi Fox

    I like the edging looks ok to me.,
    Yes she's off again, I am going to try and do this one, the spring one left me behind, I can do it when I feel like it and I can keep the pattern on file,
    Your other doily looks lovely well done on a lovely piece of tatting.
    Love to Gian

  9. Gosh, another doily from Renulek already??? I shall head over to check it out. Do I dare join in again? With so many WIPs around… is it wise? I think your hanky turned out really pretty. Simple can be very effective and in this case, I think it works really well with the bold flowers.

  10. Your hanky looks perfect with that simple edging! I also love your fantastic heading. Any person who does not know tatting and visits your blog, will understand our trade. The simple knots in the heading (in lovely colors),show the essence pf tatting, then, your work shown in the blog, shows what can be done with them.Simple genious.

  11. Renulek has quietly brought a lot of joy to so many people all over the world with her designs that I think she deserves an award for that reason alone!
    The green doily looks finished as it is, I must have a look at the pattern to see what comes next - love the colour.

  12. BTW, I want that shuttle! it's so elegant!