Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Sensation

That would be the “Spring Napkin,” designed by Renulek, who has generously shared her pattern with Tat-Land here. Its a beauty!

Well, #80 Lizbeth is fantastic! I ordered a few balls and was nervous that I would find it too fine to work with, but it is much easier than than the  Perfect Quilter or the Sulky Blendables. This colour-way is different from my usual choices:

For scale:
5” across

Thanks Renulek! This is a wonderful pattern. I am wondering if she will be adding another row or if this is it, as it stands. Anybody know?

Now, T.I.A.S. 2014 is at an end and our Jane has outdone herself! Thank you Jane. This year was so much fun and you kept us all guessing all the way through. 

It is most regrettable that my Titanic guess was not correct, but hey, I got to raise a lovely flag!


  1. It is a fantastic pattern Fox and I can't stop making them but yes would like to see another row.
    But using 80 yours must be quite tiny

  2. I love this Fox! Beautiful tatting, great colour… (not to mention it looks fab with that green shuttle too).

    1. Thanks, Frivole!

      HA! You said it this time! Yes, the green LaCossette competes with the doily for gorgeousness!
      Fox ; ))

  3. Lovely lovely lovely!!!!

    But stop with the gorgeous patterns will ya??? My wanna do list is already 137 years long!,

    Nah don't. I enjoy reading your page too much! Xxxx

  4. I really like your doily!!! And I think you sail boat looks a bit like the Blue Nose!!! Proud Canadian ah!!

    1. Bob and Doug Mackenzie loved it, eh! Kelly, you are a hoot!
      Fox : ))

  5. Looks great and I love the color!
    If I remember correctly, Renulek said people could stop here and consider it 'finished' or wait for the next row.

  6. Lovely doily! I was happy to read that you like Lizbeth size 80. I ordered a ball a while back but have yet to try it myself.

  7. Hi Fox

    Lovely doily, love the thread, I saw she had started a new doily, I still have not finished the last one yet. It might get finished this year?
    Love to Gian

  8. the doily exudes a festive feel! nice!
    your TIAS sailboat is awesome. :-)