Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baby Blanket Bestowal

My cousin is expecting her first child. Of course I immediately thought "blanket" as that is what I first made for the five kidlets. And they still have them, so it is a worthy cause, for sure. 

But, crochet? Well, I thought, Why not?

The colours requested were "woodsy." Hmmm...difficult to get good greens unless you use wool and I cannot tolerate it, so I had to settle on these colours in another yarn. 

Seems a mature sort of colour-way, but probably better than the ubiquitous baby shades, plus I want this to weather the years as my past pieces have, so this has got to do. I hope it is also a bit woodsy!

Granny squares?  I have not done this kind of blanket before. Usually the patterns I chose were complicated, and I did try a few fancy-dancey granny square variations, but I like the no-nonsense one the best.

Also, I was inspired by the blanket that is in the works by Frivole. Thanks, Frivole! I don't think I would have started this one had it not been for your efforts.

What I find difficult is choosing each square's colours; it is hard to keep track of the sequences.

Keeping me up late are:

1) Grahamy's egg
2) Jan Stawasz Doily
3) Renukek's Spring Doily /next Row

Busy is good.


  1. you've a gift for colour's combinations, I'm looking forward to see your choice for the blanket :)

  2. I really like the colours for the baby blanket!! But I do love woodsy/earth colours!! Now don`t get too busy.....I will be visiting T.O in March and want to get NN out for a tea or coffee!!

  3. Having a new project can be good; takes the mundane out of the equation. :)

  4. I love the way we inspire each other through the internet! Good idea to make the blanket in colours that are not too babyish so it will endure.

  5. My first thought was 'woodsy colors for a baby?' Knowing how durable handmade crochet can be, my next thought was 'why not?' ;-) It'll be pretty, and the child will be able to use it for many years. My sister still has a granny-square bedspread that she uses regularly, and it's nearing its 40th 'birthday.' ;-)

  6. Nice earthy colours, Fox! I'm just learning crochet, so this looks like a nice pattern. I'm sure a cuddly, soft blanket will keep the new baby wrapped in love for many years!

  7. I think these colours are great. To be honest, I've never worried too much about baby colours - I made my daughter a whole cot quilt set in a lovely olive green print, and it looked great. I'm sure your cousin will love it.