Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Liyarra and a Lovely Load of Luscious

All the way from Australia. 

Some colour to brighten up the way-below zero temperatures. 
She knew my stash was low and decided to send me this: 

Thank you Liyarra!

Wendy and I are tatting up another challenge. 
While taking a break, I decided to look in here:

I tatted one of the motifs and then could not find it. Looked for ages and 
when I reached for my empty coffee cup to take to the sink...

How do these things happen?

After the wash...

There is a major mistake, so I can’t use this one.
However, I want to tat 4, for a large square. I used #40 Lizbeth.

Tatting the Iris Niebach patterns has helped me a lot. I could not tat anything in this book last year and found all the patterns too confusing. This does not seem to be the case now, as I understood everything in this one and have looked through the book and nothing looks terribly complicated anymore! 

I think tatting Iris doilies is an excellent learning device for intermediate tatter.  My humble opinion. Thank you Iris!


  1. II have this book but have not tatted anything from it, :( I will be following your posts on this.
    I have committed myself to some major project, this could be something to un-wind wind when I get stuck with that.

    1. Jon, this is a terrific book for tatting either one of the four parts to a square or a couple as a strip or the full four or more. Small but challenging squares are not too ig a project if one understands the first square. : )

  2. Hmmmm . . . . your coffee must have tasted extra good. I laughed so loud, it woke Tsuru up.

  3. What a wonderful friend!
    He He on finding your motif. Looks like it washed up very nicely.

    Yes, Iris can help you progress is reading patterns.

  4. Not much of a mistake, because I can't see it!

  5. Oops, thank goodness you found the square! Your coffee cup (or coffee) was the saver! :)

  6. Most welcome Fox. Should be enough to do a small motif in each sample.
    Some are a bit brittle/delicate but fun to try...
    As for the book......oh wow! I have a copy but have not tried anything out of it yet...looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!!

  7. Thanks, Tatters! Great comments.
    Fox : )

  8. Once you've mastered Iris, everything else seems simpler!

  9. Hi Fox

    Lovely little motif, did it improve the taste of the coffee? I don't have this book, I think I must put it on my wish list.
    Nice little present, I look forward to seeing what you do with them.
    Love to Gian.

  10. Hmm, I like tatted squares, with tea or coffee. I'll look around for that book!

  11. I can't see your mistake... but look forward to seeing the finished result. :)

  12. Yummy coffee! I should try it soon!! but perhaps with italian coffee it'd had been taken out a little darker, maybe only a little...