Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tatting the Terrible Twists

Can you believe this?
Wendy and I completed  Challenge #2!
Thanks, umintsuru! That one was tough.

Annarita by Iris Niebach
#80 Lizbeth; about 6 inches across

This time I have not enjoyed the challenge as much. Perhaps this is so because this pattern has the same element repeated eight times. Perhaps this is so because I needed to continually look at the pattern and still had to un-tat about twenty times! Whatever the case, this was not as fulfilling as the last one.

On the other hand, I am so grateful that I had this to distract me, as poor Mr. G. has been suffering with an infection. Finally the medication seems to be kicking in. He has been miserable, but is now showing his true colours again!

Having pets is often more difficult than having children!


  1. Hi Fox

    Well it might be a hard pattern but it looks nice, well done on completing another challenge.
    Oh poor Gian please give him a cuddle from me and I send him my love. I hope he soon feels better. They are worse than kids because they can't tell you what's wrong.

  2. Your doily looks so lovely!!! You should be proud!!! :)

  3. Wow! Just look at all those picots around the edges!

    Oh, Mr. G! I hope you make a full and speedy recovery! Fox needs your supervisory talents! ;)

  4. I guess that is why it called a challenge look great even if annoying to you we all love it! And the statement about pets is true the reason why is because pets never grow up kids do ha ha :)

  5. Hey there, buddy, I totally sympathize. My mom is still making me take medicine, too-- two different ones, would you believe! One of them I don't mind in tuna juice, but I make her jump through some hoops to give me the other one.

    Here's what she does. You know those yummy little pill pockets? I make her squirt the liquid medication into those. I won't take it any other way. But of course each one only holds a few drops, so she has to give me nine of them for the whole dose! It's so funny to watch her trying to control how much goes into each pocket so they don't overflow! And then I won't take them from her hand, either. Instead I make her put them in my bowl and walk away-- I certainly won't eat them if she's looking!

    I hope you're making your mom do tricks too!

    Feel better soon, buddy.


  6. Hey Squijum,
    My mom was laughing so loudly when she read about your getting 9 Pill Pockets that I had to be very verbal to get her to stop the noise. You should have heard me yelling at her! Ha!

    Well, you are lucky to be getting all thise treats. My medication got stuck into my body, my precious temple of sublime beauty by my doc. I like Dr. Ian a lot and he likes me, but yesterday he surprised me with that HUGE needle! Wow, I didn't like that at all.

    But, I don't have to have any pills it anything, because the shot us a time-release thing, whatever that means. But SHE says it will help me for 14 days!

    I feel a lot better already. Thanks for your comment. Hope you are better, too. Maybe it is a conspiracy...
    Your good buddy,

  7. Get well soon, Gian. You still look as handsome as ever even when you are under the weather.

    Fox, thank you for tatting this with me. It isn't so obvious and still beautiful. Mr G must have had you worried a little.

    1. Thanks, umintsuru. It was a great tatting marathon! I always like to take a big bite and this was definitely that. Thanks for playing. : )

      Mr. G. sends xxx’s to Tsuru!

  8. Another Wonderful Iris pattern. You and Umintsuru are both amazing tatters.

  9. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I hope Gian is feeling as fit as a fiddle in no time.

  10. I think it looks beautiful! Six inches isn't very big for an Iris pattern, so I'm sure you had to have a lot of patience for fixing your mistakes. You're really going to town with that tiny thread!

  11. Ooh, poor Gian! So glad he's feeling better.
    Love the Iris pattern.

  12. Beautiful tatting on the doily. I hope Mr. G is feeling great very soon.
    StephanieW in NC