Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bounteous Beads

#40 Lizbeth

This was fun. Small, about 2 x 2 1/2 inches and it is heavy! Great tactile appeal. Better than worry beads! From this book:

I am in the middle if tatting another, as it was so enjoyable. Go over to tatskool's blog and look around. That is where I was inspired to tat this.

Day 5 T.I.A.S.


  1. I love the way you know just how to add beads in the right places and in the right colors! This is delightful! And I think you may be onto something with the windmill! :-) l.

  2. I totally know what you mean! There is something incredibly pleasing about the heft that beads add to tatting. I really think that is one of the reasons I keep adding beads! I agree with Kathy - you have a knack for adding beads - both color and amount. It's always just right.

  3. So cute. Like a delicate picture frame...

  4. You always pick nice colors, and hey this would also make a great little frame too! :) this is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful beadwork, Fox! Like Frivole, I think it looks like a lovely little frame.

    :) Ann

  6. Hi Fox

    Beautiful piece of tatting and your eggs will be ready for Easter.
    You think windmill, by what I have seen I think it's the London eye. Not that I can join in, it's going to a few more weeks before I can pick up my shuttles.
    Love to Gian.

    1. Sorry, Margaret! Not the London Eye... a windmill. Ask Mr. G.

      Hope that hand is better soon! Wendy and I need you!
      Fox xxoo

  7. I like the feel of beads (and the sparkle!) added to tatting. This frame is so cute.
    I must disagree about the windmill, Fox. It's a circus clown holding a helium balloon! lol!