Sunday, January 5, 2014

Addiction Resumed

Ah, yes, though not entirely happy, I am definitely back to my old tricks, becoming totally obsessed with a pattern.

I figured I was done with "Irene" by Iris Niebach, but I am now on my third try at getting it going in Sulky, with which I am rapidly falling way out of love! Oh, but the palettes... They are so beguiling in this fuzzy skinny, 2-ply thread! I have wasted meters of it trying to get the piece looking right. 

In between cursing capers, I tatted this:

I believe I found this online; it appeared in The Big Book of Tatting. I used #50 Altin Basak and #40 Lizbeth.

Here is the beginning of the new, shrunken Irene:

I would like to thank everyone who commented on the last post and sent me such good suggestions about how to kick-start the old muse who won't be rushed, as we all really understand. 

But, the ideas were so good, and I heeded one of them. I won't tell you which one as I don't want to jinx it!


  1. Hi Fox

    Lovely motif and great colours together, your Iris motif looks lovely in that colour.
    I see your weather is looking bad, we are getting the storms from the USA over here but we are warmer so it's rain, we now have a lot of flooding, they rush over on the jet stream making the winds very strong when they hit us.
    Take care and stay warm.
    Love to Gian

  2. Ah, glad you're on the go again. I love the bright pink and look forward to seeing how Irene turns out in fine thread.

  3. Dear Fox, I wonder how you can tat in such cheerful colors, when you are going through such bad weather. Our morining paper 's front page news was, again,the very cold temperatures in the North of the New world. I can't imagine how a human being lives in such circustances. Well,.. tatting seems to be an answer, but,.. Do you go out for shopping. How is it outside? What do you wear? Do you have to protect your eyes? How do you cater? Can your heating system cope with this. How do babies and elderly people cope?
    Her is is too hot for the season, and everybody is ill,..

  4. Falling out of love with Sulky? Say it isn't so! Maybe the cold weather is to blame! ;-)

    1. Temporary madness induced by inclement cold... : ))

  5. Love the top motif in the gorgeous bright colors!! :)
    Looks like the start of another beautiful Iris doily!! :)