Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Correcting Céleste

Well, almost at any rate! 

I avoided beads making whole process much quicker. Tatted in Altin Basak $50. Any pattern is easier the second time, and this one was much easier this time while still remaining a challenge. 

I’ll probably tat one more adding the beads back, just to see if I can make it look half decent this time.

This one is growing on me. In fact, it may emerge as the February gift, as the colours are spring-like and happy. Not sure how the colours will play out, because I am almost out of yellow and the amount of HDT left is questionable.

I had asked my trusty enabler, the Mighty Diane, for a sample, ONE sample of the Oliver Twist and just look what I received yesterday in the post - so neat and exact and such a wonderful array of colours for me to play with! Thank you Diane! 

On Sunday, I received my absolute favourite - white tulips; what could be prettier? 
Mr. G was even impressed...

So cute. : )


  1. Your doily is unique, fox! i have never seen a more beautiful cat. He is wondering if he could jump on top of the tulips,..
    Where do you get tulips in winter? Are they from Holland, or cultivated in a green house?

  2. Hi Fox

    Pretty snowflake, not tried the pattern yet but it looks so pretty in pink.
    The yellow looks better on the doily new, is that a paler shade this time around.
    Beautiful tulips, white looks so clean and crisp.
    Love to Gian

  3. Your Celeste is very pretty. You tat so quickly and well.
    I think your Wisteria & yellow motif is going to be very springy.
    Have fun with your new threads.
    so what occasion were you celebrating with White Tulips? Whatever it was, I hope your day was very pleasing.

  4. Was it your birthday? - very special, to receive flowers. Tulips are also my daughter's favourite flower, and that's what she wanted for her bouquet when she was married, in the middle of winter here in Qld. They were Not To Be Had - anywhere. In the end, her father capitulated and had them flown in from Tasmania.
    Oliver Twist is so tiny! - but you like those small thread sizes, so you'll enjoy using them.

  5. Diane is a real sweety that was nice of her. And I love the doily, I really like they yellow and the tiny dark bead this is looking good. And the picture of the cat and flowers is taken from a cool perspective, nice post!

  6. I love your Celeste!!! It's so precious in pink and reminds me of a little baby girl all precious and special!!! :)
    That doily is looking wonderful and I love your color choices!! :)

  7. PS - Dark Green would go well, if you run out of the other threads.

    1. I know! I immediately looked for dark green, but only have medium - it will have to do. : ) Thanks, Maureen.

  8. I love your choice of colors, and I'm amazed at your ability to tat so quickly with the tiny thread. I love the size 80, but I seem to go very slowly.

    Tulips are beautiful, second only to roses for me. I'm glad the thread arrived safely!