Monday, November 18, 2013

Reflecting On The Results

I am so into this new pattern, tatted in Sulky, that I have moved way beyond the two that I had tatted for my experiment! Ancient history a day later!

Do you recognize this pattern? Finished, it will be much smaller than the pattern calls for because Sulky is about a #80. I think the pattern calls for #30.

The Experiment

This is Dahlia, by Karey Solomon
It can be found in one of her booklets. 

Tatting it with Monica’s lovely #80 HDT was a pleasure as I had been saving the thread for the right design. While working on it, I realized that I had the perfect beads to compliment the thread. 

All was fine until I hit the middle section, where I coud not figure out how to proceed. Ah, Karey - you have done it again to me! Stymied!

I improvised and followed my own logic and it seemed to turn out well, but I am still wondering about that 6th row...

Anyone else out there found this snag to which I refer? Id be interested to learn how to connect that 6th row...

You can see the scale if I include a shuttle...

This purple motif, using #40 Lizbeth, is the same size as the above #80 piece.

Pattern: Kirsten Christensen

The experiment was to:

                                     1) compare my enjoyment levels of #40 to #80
                                     2) compare attention span to using these threads
                                     3) compare quality Lizbeth to Sulky
                                     4) compare finished products according to the above criteria 

In conclusion, I find that I enjoy tatting with Sulky far more, finding it to be a superior quality thread than Lizbeth #40. If you have read tat-ology for a time, you will realize this is definitely not a eureka moment for me.

My attention to detail and thus the finished motif was infinitely better and more keenly focused using the lighter Sulky thread. 

I lost interest early on using Lizbeth; my attention wandered and the resulting tatting looks as if another, less critical tatter had been at work. The tatting in the orangey motif is superior to that of the purple one. Says me. 

Why all this comparing? Well, I have diminished the stash to the point where I might like to add a bit of thread that I KNOW for sure I like. The Perfect Quilter fiasco was insane! I bought a ton of it, but on receiving my order realized I did not like the colour breaks in most of the colourways. I found them far too long. 

So, bye-bye Perfect Quilter! I kept a few of the colours, but created a big emptiness in my thread drawer! I do have a few spools of Sulky and will order a few more as time goes by, now that I know I like it very much.

Oh yes, The outer bit of the orange motif was tatted with #80 Oran Bayan, which I happened to have in  exactly the right shade. This is a ver, very fine #80 and not my fave at all. 

This leads me to add that speaking of #80s I do like DMC. It is a pretty good thread.

A very good tatting friend of mine has kindly agreed to send me a sample of  Oliver Twist thread. This is another of the skinnies that I have been very curious about. 

However, I have learned a valuable lesson: never order thread without trying it first! Following my own sage advice, I shall try out the Oliver Twist and see whether it shall be added to the stockpile!

I leave you with an update:

My beautiful Mr G


  1. Hi Fox
    Is that a cross at the beginning, looking nice.
    Your doily is gorgeous and beautiful colour,
    Your motif in the purple is also beautiful

    Your new pictures of Gian are lovely he's looking in great shape. Nice to see him
    Thank you for the email.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Nope... Not a cross!
    : ) Fox

    1. Hi Fox
      Sorry but that's what it looked like, I look forward to seeing what you have started, lovely thread.

    2. I thought it did too at that point. : ))

  3. good for you to figure things out. That is always a plus. As for the different types of thread, I have found that dark dyes change the texture of the thread more then lighter colors.

  4. Beautiful tatting and don't know much about that pattern so can't help there, but I read once, that real tatting was done in 80 or more and I don't completely believe that, but do feel once you go to 80 It is very lacy and make you feel good. that Sulky seems to be more of size 100 to me DMC used to make that size or sell it at the regular stores. I like that feel of perfect quilter and wish colors were little different too.

  5. Oh, he is truly a gorgeous cat. Your tatting looks wonderful.

    1. Yes, he is! Stephanie, there is a typo in your name - I am so sorry! Such a bother to mess around fixing the photo - I was lazy and left it and of course you showed up today! Forgive me!
      Fox : )

  6. Oh Mr. G! Looking handsome as ever, and I love seeing grown up cats playing like they're kittens again. :)

  7. I know I keep saying it, but Gian has such beautiful eyes!

    I haven't seen that pattern of Karey's, but just from looking at it, here's what I think. Except for that one SR, the entire rest of the piece looks like a ball and shuttle pattern. I don't think I would bother winding a second shuttle just for one SR. If I were using a very small "ball", like, say, a spool of Sulky (or a floss bobbin of HDT), I might go ahead and manipulate that like a shuttle to make a SR. If I were using a regular-sized ball, I would probably either cut and tie at the end of the round and start the next round fresh, or else finish that round with a split chain and start the next round with the chain.

    I know what you mean about tatting with Lizbeth, but I'm just so addicted to the colors! I've tried a few different quilting threads. They are often very nice (depending on the brand, of course), but in general I prefer cordonnets for their crispness and durability if I have to unpick anything. My very favorite is Coats; I can't find it on this side of the pond, but Tatskool used to use it as the base for her HDT's. My next favorite is DMC Cordonnet, if only it were available in colors! (The DMC size 80 tatting thread is the same as the size 80 cordonnet, and does come in colors, but not as many as the Lizbeth.) The nice thing about the DMC, besides its outstanding quality, is that it comes in so many sizes. I wish more HDT makers would use DMC as their base instead of Lizbeth, so that I could have the DMC in colors.

    Wow, that was a long rant!

    1. I agree about the Cordonnets, but I find some if the #80 DMCs a bit thin- depending on dye I think??.

      I am certain there were a few errors in the pattern, but it is too complicated to explain here. I did cut and start that row and changed the order if the stitches and the result is the same as the pattern pic, so in the end it worked. I am still trying to figure out what Karey was intending though, which is why I asked if anyone had done the piece. She is slow to respond so I tried this route. : ) thanks for the rant! I appreciate it.
      Fox ; ))

  8. Good to find a thread you really like working with. Good to be able to buy the thread you decide is the best for you - my thread comes from a variety of sources, but basically I make do with what I can get!

  9. Lovely work. I am curious about the sulky, what is the weight on it. I like the perfect quilter (I just bought black and the holiday one). I get too confused when looking at the weights, is this a quilting thread?

    1. Yes, it is often used for quilting...I think! It is much like the Perfect Quilter to tat with, only. I like the colours more. : )

  10. Dear Fox, You are right,and we are all in the same situation. Moreover,I am afraid that nothing can be done. It is true: Lizbeth had the nicest , enormous range of colours,but its quality is not optimal. DMC has better quality, but few colors and only in #80. And the quilting threads are made for quilting. They are too thin for tatting. I am afraid that there is a pat situation. Unless DMC and HH would work together. But I don't think that this is economically feasable. HH (an american company) is much cheaper than DMC(a European company) because of the low rate of the dollar compared to the euro and because there is a lot more thread on a lizbeth ball than on a DMC ball.
    Maybe you could start negotiations between the 2 companies,.......?

  11. What a handsome cat!! He is the Paul Newman among the cats. May he live long!!What good photographs!!

  12. Oooh, lots of beautiful things to see today!!! :)