Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Particular Pace

... slow!

Mr G and I are engrossed in a very compelling series of Doctor Who episodes, so luckily I do not mind the un-tatting that is accompanying the entertainment.

This pattern demands concentration; I had to re-start this row a couple of times...well...more than a few. However, I am happy with the way it is turning out.

Perhaps the slow tatting is also due to the fact that I am not white used to the relative heaviness if the Gr-8 shuttles, which have also been a source of challenge for me.

A Very Happy Thanksgiving 
To All Below the 49th!


  1. I really like the last round. Very decorative! My 2 Gr8 shuttles are in the cupboard. My hands hurt after using them.(arthritis, so I use light plastic shuttles)!

  2. Hi Fox

    I am glad you are enjoying doctor who, I watched it years ago when it started but now I am not into it any more, I do remember the first doctor.
    The doily is coming along no wonder you are making an odd mistake watching the aliens with the doctor.
    Nice to see Gian, he's looking well, sending him love.

  3. This doily is looking very nice, I like all the frilly picots and it is worth picking out the mistakes. I like your Siamese cat, they are very proud!

  4. Maybe work goes slowly, but beautifully!
    PS. I see that Mr. Gian heats up in the warmth of the notebook :)

  5. I want to distract you even more... watch this you tube clip of David Tennant/Jack Barrowman, I promise you will miss a picot or two!

    1. Oh, Snowy... I am headed over there right away.... I am SUCH an addict!

  6. So Gorgeous. Well worth the patience it takes to see it through. I love the laciness of it, which is thanks to those evil picots!