Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tatted Train Triumph!

Mini-Boss loves it!

Forgot to post this pretty piece tatted by Ladytats. Great colour, isn't it? 
Thank you Ladytats for the package. The Scottish Thistle is already on the shuttles...

I didn't realize one receives a cash award for winning a ribbon! 
The sum is small but the satisfaction - grand!

Mail from Norway...

I received this because one of my patterns 
is in the publication! Whoopee!


  1. Goodness, the Mini-Boss isn't so mini anymore, is she?

    Congratulations on getting your pattern published! That's great!

    The motif by Ladytats looks like teddy bears.

    1. I know! And she is really tiny compared to her peers! They do grow faster than a double stitch!
      Fox : ))

  2. I can see that MiniBoss appreciates your art.
    The pattern for the Teddy Bear Motif is by Wally Sosa.
    oh what fun to receive a monetary award no matter how small and the prestige of being in an international publication.
    I knew you were an internationally award winning tatter. Congratulations!

  3. Oh the train looks great on the blouse, and the next looks like little teddy bears, money, and a book wooo you are doing great! so where do we find your book!

  4. What a great way to see the appreciation of your train shirt!! :)
    Neat motif!! :)
    How cool to have something in a book!!! :)

  5. I'm sure Sherry will enjoy seeing the happiness on Mini-Boss's face! I know YOU did! And they really are teddy bears! So glad you also got a monetary award at the Fair. And published in the Danish book, too! Very satisfying and rewarding!

  6. Congrats, Fox, having your pattern published! WooHoo!
    The Boss looks great sporting her train.

  7. She looks so excited! Oh grats, on your prize and your publication!

    Hope The Boss and Gian enjoys Halloween tomorrow night. Does Mr. G. get spooked at the costumes?

    1. Mr G gets spooked by catnip! Hallowe'en? Not sure!!
      Fox. : )

  8. How exciting! ! ! Getting an unexpected cash windfall AND . . . getting a pattern published! Woooo Hooo! Way to go, Fox! Mini-Boss and her top are tres cute!

  9. Hi Fox

    Well done on your cash win, it might be small but it's nice to receive.
    Mini boss looks beautiful in her top.
    Beautiful motif love the pattern too.
    Well done on getting your pattern printed in Norway.
    You are having a good week, let's hope it continues
    Love to Gian

  10. ROFLOL are you sure you know where you are sending your patterns? Orkisbladet is a Danish guild magazine for guild members only and can not be purchased anywhere else really. Dansk = Danish !
    Norway might be bigger and richer than us, but anyhow they are fewer than us and used to be part of the Danish kingdom once. So we are cousins (sort of) but there is definitely a difference between the 2 nations.
    Glad you had your pattern published there. :-)
    from Denmark

  11. Susanne, thanks for that! I think folks get easily confused about that relationship. Thanks for the info and reminder!
    Fox. : ))

  12. Congratulations on your pattern in there Fox. Definitely one to try.

    I haven't received a hard copy of it yet but I have seen a pdf. Sadly I cannot print it though.