Thursday, October 3, 2013

Savouring Cèbèlia

This hanky border is finished except for two joining rings. It is a devil to untwist, and seeing that sewing and I do not exactly play well together, this should prove interesting... here it is wet with hot water. I am waiting for it to dry and will attempt to sew it on later.  : o


Thanks, Connie! It is a beauty - very fine cotton. Delicate.

I used Perfect Quilter thread, 
whose fineness matched 
the fabric very well.


I am taking lots of little breaks, and playing around with random bits of thread, all the while working on and thoroughly enjoying, to my great surprise, the process of tatting the Mystery Doily with Cèbèlia #30. I say this because I have often grumbled about this thread.

However, I really liked the teal blue Cèbèlia that Sally sent me when I used it for the Trellis Doily and here I am again loving this ball of ecru.

My tatting has tightened up considerably over the past few months - at long last! This Mystery Doily will have to be pressed, as it has lots of body and feels very firm to the touch snd not a bit like my usual floppy tatting!

The thread is ecru, but with no yellow tinge and it is very pretty - close to white, but not. I am not fond of white thread and yet most ecrus are too brown for my liking. 

This thread really pleases me and is not - for a change - boring to tat with . I have been highly entertained with this pattern and thread. Hmmm, you have not heard that very often before! Maybe there is hope yet! : ))


  1. I love the hanky!!! great colors and beautiful tatting!

    Glad you've found Happy Thread...

  2. Your hanky is gorgeous! Love the combination of colours and how delicate the edging is.

  3. The hanky is beautiful! Love seeing your work.

  4. This is the perfect hanky. Don't give it away, like tatters usually do,instead, put it in the back pocket of your jeans, with the lace sticking out. That seems to be the latest fashion, here in Antwerp. Both men and women do it.(men without lace, for the time being). But: attach your precious hanky inside your pocket with a safety pin!!
    PS: What thickness (number ) is this Cébélia green variagated thread?

    1. That is interesting! I have never seen anyone here in Toronto doing that!

      The thread is teeny! Perfect Quilter is thinner than a #80 DMC.
      Fox : )

  5. I love the border and the hanky is gorgeous. You chose just the right colors and pattern. Your Mystery Doily is coming along nicely. Once I have my Christmas tatting finished, I think I will need to do that one this winter.
    I was going to leave a comment last night, but your post disappeared.

  6. Oh wow, I'm really lovin' that purple and green color combination.

  7. Your handkerchief is STUNNING!! Beautifully done!
    I would say that you and Sewing 'played well together' today!

  8. Really nice work and color choice love the shuttle too! so cute!

  9. Replies
    1. Hi there, Connie!
      I am delighted you saw this one as it is one of my favourites.

      The sewing on took a lot of trial and error as the purple thread binding was barely attached to the fine material, so I was lucky I had a close match in purple. It sometimes had to be sewn into the white of the hankie, for security, but I. The end it all worked out well. In "person" this is really lovely! Thanks again!
      Fox : )

  10. Your hanky edging is outstanding!!! :) I really love the color!!! :)
    Your doily is coming along beautifully!!! :)

  11. Your tatting sets off the hankie so well. The result is delightful.