Monday, September 23, 2013

Taking A Break? Not Bloody Likely....

I am here:

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Re: Georgia Seitz's Mystery Doily

I love the pattern and am less than pleased with my run at it - particularly as I see I have now followed the 4-2-4 count but seemed to have somewhere changed the last bit from 2-4 to 4-4! I thought I was doing so well! 

I had had terrible problems joining in the first row, but managed to finish it.

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I am just beyond here:

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I notice, as I am working with Cebelia #30, the thing is floppy, and either I am lazy because I am concentrating on the pattern or I am just lazy period, the stitches are all too loose and the picots too big. I think I should finish this round and start again with a 6-ply...

Also, the suggestion to do the chains unflipped is brilliant, but my chains do not look very good done this way. Even with the practice, they are not very even so I should do them the regular way... means a lot of flipping about. : (

It is a wonderful pattern. The dense but fluffy effect without any picots at all except on the outside is very appealing to me.

Then, I started again and the result was really small! My tatting was much tighter and I cannot unfurl the elements to continue with sent ease. I am beyond frustrated with this.

Maybe I should switch threads? This is not the answer, as I think it was in the T.A.T. course I learned that a good tatter can make any thread look good. This is a depressing thought at the moment.

Maybe take up welding instead? Taxidermy?  Sorry Mr. G.....       : ((


  1. I think you are doing very well. As I posted on Frivole's blog, I have printed out the info, but have not studied the pattern yet. This may or may not end up on my to do pile, which is towering to say the least.

    I see blogger has once again changed the comment box, and now there is a "Notify Me" check box instead of one that asked if you want an email.

  2. Well I am watching all of you that has worked on this doily, and this pattern may be why it's a lot art they came to this pattern and put there shuttles down and started welding or rocket science something they could do better! :)

  3. It looks wonderful to me!! :) At least you are trying it!! You are an encouragement to those of us who have yet to try it!! :)

  4. My first version in white was using Cebelia size 40. I don't like the thread so much because it is 3-ply. It surprised me that I managed to tat so far of the doily with that thread. It must be the pattern that is making me stick with it.

  5. Hi Fox

    I feel your frustration, in theory any thread that can be used for tatting should look good, but of course there are times when a thread just won't do for one reason or another.
    At least you are attempting the pattern, not like me and gods kid we are sitting back watching you I personally have not had time to think about trying it yet, I seem to have a lot on my plate at the moment. I am watching your progress with interest, keep up the good work I am sure you will get there in the end.
    Love to Gian

  6. I understand that you are not satisfied with your thread do not hesitate to take another one...
    I don't agree with the sentence : "a good tatter can make any thread look good"
    Lace should be fun

  7. I "hear" a lot of frustration in your post Fox but I have to say that from here, it looks really good! Honest. I often like a softer thread for larger pieces which makes for more "fluid" (don't know if it's the right word) lace afterwards, less rigid.