Friday, September 13, 2013


Diane left a comment the other day...

... I really think I need to choose a small motif for trying
out all my threads, and I don't want to be a copy cat. ...

Well, I don’t feel bad about being a copycat at all! In fact, I am one a lot of the time.  

Case in point: Frivole tatted this the other day and I really liked it. I had one colour remaining of the Perfect Quilter to tat and could not stomach the thought of tatting the same motif yet again, so I pulled out the Mary Konior and without guilt tatted up the same pattern!

Though it does look better in one solid colour as Frivole has shown, I have to say I am pretty pleased with the result with the Perfect Quilter.


  1. I like your motif Fox. and the colors look like camouflage. besides, imitation is supposed to be flattering.

  2. The color make this motif very interesting - and I'm agree with Ladytats: it's perfect camouflage. But not for tatting in forest ;)

  3. Haha! I guess I will be a copycat, because I've already pulled out Star to sample my threads. I can picture a Christmas tree loaded with these in all colors and sizes! Maybe Star will be my ornament of the year. ;-)

  4. I think it looks great Fox - and there's no "copy-catting"! What are we blogging for if not, in part, to inspire others? I do that all the time myself, see something someone else has tatted and think "yes, I fancy tatting that!" Some of yours included. And those patterns are all out there for everyone to enjoy, n'est-ce pas?

    It's such a pretty design which I like a lot. And very good of you to tat it in such a fine thread.

    1. Absolutely! Thanks, Frivole, for the inspiration and the kind comment. : )