Thursday, September 5, 2013


This pattern is addictive... Here is another colourway. The pattern is also deceptively difficult! One must pay attention to stitch counts, so as not to miss picots. 

I kept making counting errors and un-tatting beyond what any sane person would do. However, it is done and I am going to tat a few more. I think.

These motifs measure just over 2 inches, for those who wondered.

This is the second one I tatted( first shown in yesterday’s post) 
in this palette; I missed a ring on the first go-around. 

Yes, I am a bit obsessive, yes, yes, I know....


  1. I love them Fox! I really liked the colourways for the first one here. I am not up to using just fine thread yet and admire your determination to work it, grats!

  2. Your motifs are beautiful and the colors are amazing!! :)

  3. Oh my, I LOVE the top color way! You are so tenacious, it's wonderful how you hang on until you get it right!

  4. Obsessive or not, your tatting of this motif is beautiful!