Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Perseverance Pays

I am really enjoying this. What a surprise and an unexpected treat. It is good that I decided to scale back the pattern as this is just large enough for me. 

It provides a lot of practice with the new tatting method, while at the saw time holding my interest with  Victorian Sets and the all-chain construction. What could be better! 

The Cèbèlia #30 is a perfect, wonderful colour for this. : )


  1. Hi Fox

    Beautiful colour and looking beautiful so far, very nicely tatted by the way
    Love to Gian

  2. Replies
    1. I love it Sally!

      Is this one of the regular Cèbèlia colours that is still available or a vintage colour?

    2. I really don't know I bought this ball of thread a few years ago along with some other colours, which I have used and still use occasionaly, but the blue is by far the prettiest.

    3. Interesting, as it appears nowhere in any of the online shops I have checked over here, including the one I can go to in real life!

  3. great idea to scale back then everything goes by faster and we get to enjoy it all the more sooner!

  4. I've always liked Cebelia 30 - and it looks wonderful for this pattern. Not being in the slightest bit mathematical, can I ask you to tell me just how you scaled it back? - is it a matter of leaving out a precise number of repeats?
    I wonder what colour you will choose for the fabric centre!

    1. I checked the pattern and saw it did not matter if I removed an element - there would be no calculations necessary.

      The only critical issue was if the centre would be too small for all those tiny rings...I just guessed at eliminating a number of them and stopped when I had had enough of the first row!

      Luckily, I did not go smaller as it would have been too tight for the inner rings if I had.

  5. Fox, that is looking really awesome. How wonderful that you have been able to make your tatting easier and smoother.

  6. Thanks Tatters, for the votes of confidence!
    Fox : ))

  7. It's really looking spectacular! I Love the color as it is so bright and cheery. I just knew you would find the sets easy and they seemed to go much faster for me than regular chains.
    Glad you got the new method figured out, YAY! It is the method I first learned and I just can't imagine tatting any other way!

  8. It looks fabulous! I've been putting off trying this project because of its size. Thanks for the idea of scaling back. Maybe I'll get to it sooner now!

  9. This is very beautiful and lacy! Pretty color too :X

  10. The colour of this tread should be called Gian's blue!