Monday, August 26, 2013

Marta’s Magic. : )

Marta is back from holidays and sent me this. It is my Pine Plains Picot pattern (now in my Etsy shop) that I asked her to test tat and she has done a superb job.

I also appreciate the photo of the backside of the motif. Thank you Marta!

Now, a progress report on the tatting technique; it is wonderful!

It seems I have made the transition to the new tatting motion, which it is almost second nature now. That was quicker than I ever imagined it could be. Good old  - and I do mean old! - muscle memory. Maybe all that jogging I do counts for something other than good cardio!

Anyway, I was going to toss this motif or hand it over to The Boss for creative cut-and-paste, but I have grown to really like this piece a lot. I will keep it and compare it down the road, as a marker of tatting progress.

It is, I realize, the largest #80 I have managed so far in my career, discounting edgings. Luckily, I am having fun as I have a lot of Perfect Quilter in my stash to play with.

The only downside is that I really am not that fond of variegated thread and it as all that.

There are many mistakes.  I transitioned from the old way to the new with Perfect Quilter thread, which is thinner than the middle that is tatted with #80 DMC, but far nicer to tat with.

I had to cut out whole sections and un-tat again and again,  for I kept making the wrong sort of knot.... Grrrr. There were lots of problems and yet I still like it! It has a lovely feel to it; the mistakes are well hidden and my stitches are looking pretty good and mostly very consistent - for once!

It feels wonderful - a sense of tatting freedom - to tat in the “stabbing” fashion. It is smooth and quick and there really is a rhythm that kicks in. Very pleasing. I couldn’t be happier!

It is even now working on this Trellis pattern...
Though I was hesitant to tat any of this because I thought I would mess up the Victorian Sets, I have to say it is really easy and FAST to tat them with the new method.

What a learning experience this has been. After over 4 years of tatting under my belt, I cannot believe I was not using this method. I had read about it but it just didn’t work for me when I tried to do it. Even the videos did not help. You really - or I really -  needed a real live tatter to demonstrate the technique.

Seems it is a very good thing to change it up - maybe not just in tatting either! Stirs the imagination... 


  1. What a fabulous job Marta did on your pattern, which is an excellent design! Great color combination too!

    I'm curious about your 'former' method of the 2nd DS, because you seemed to tat pretty fast with it! You probably will be even faster now! I'm assuming you're referring to the 'slip and slide' method, which I observe on Frivole's videos, and have always felt is the most efficient method of tatting. In fact I thought it was the ONLY method! And with the bobbin shuttles which work properly, it is very comfortable for me, especially with the crochet hold. I'm still impressed at your enthusiasm for size 80 or equivalent thread!

  2. Kathy, I kind of turned the shuttle backwards and came back over the thread, twisting my hand. Awkward.

    I am not a fast tatter. I have lots of sleepless hours...therefore a lot of night time tatting!

    Thanks for your comment about the design. I can never tell if it is good or not. : 0

  3. Marta did a great job with your pattern. When will it be ready for purchase? My fingers are itching!

    1. You made my day, Diane!

      There is a link above under Pine Plains Picot!
      Fox :))

      p.s. Wouldn't it be sweet tatted in Perfect Quilter? Hmmm....What colour way would you choose.....

  4. Every thing looks so nice, I really wonder about the perfect tatter threat is it 100% cotton or a mixture of polyester too?

    1. ... from a website that used to sell this thread:

      "There are 34 beautiful colors, including 28 variegated color patterns. 300 Yards of 100% cotton quilting thread."

      I can only assume that the company was not lying as that would constitute absolute misrepresentation!
      Fox : ))

  5. The Plain Pines pattern is very nice and Marta's rendition is very good. I am glad you were able to "get" the slip & slide method. it is fast and easy and easy on your hands and wrists.

  6. Your motif looks great in Marta's version. Wonderful that your new technique has become automatic so quickly!

  7. PPP motif is awesome in this presentation!

    He-he.... I have learned to tat from the net, but first I did something very strange and slow technic. Than I saw Frivol's blog video, where she showed the simple and fast technic. So approx. one and a half years ago I do the same as you! What a difference:)))

  8. Hi Fox

    Marta did a brilliant job with your new pattern, lovely piece of tatting.

    I am so pleased your new method of tatting is proving so good, it would be lovely to sit and tat with someone and you are so lucky to have meet Joelle and had a great tatting experience.

    Your tatting has improved and I am watching to see what new things you have in the pipeline.
    Love to Gian


    1. Really? You can see it? Thank you, Margaret, for looking. Mr G says to give up the shuttles... to him!
      Fox : )

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to test your design!
    I'm proud that my work has been shown in your blog :)