Friday, July 5, 2013

Outfoxing Valdani!

I am succeeding with this thread!
 I cannot believe it. 

- several inches ago! - 

Yes, inspired by comments left here by Maureen and Snowy, I have persevered and I am actually enjoying the Valdani - not just enjoying it, but also creating a lovely border. Thank you, Jon, for the PERFECT pattern for this endeavour.

The thread is the perfect colour for the hankie, just as I imagined it would be - twice!

There are some mistakes, like a missed picot joining and uneven picots, but following Snowy’s lead, I have left mistakes intact, concentrating mainly on getting through it.

The results seem to improve the more I tat and I am constantly trying to achieve some consistency in tension.

Seems there is a lot to think about at the same time, rather like learning to tat anew. Good. I am NOT bored!
Giveaway Update
Each of the two winners will also receive 
one of these SCMR books by the Gr-8 brothers


Mr. G

Several tatters have wondered what is going on with Gian, as he has been absent from tat-ology lately. Well, he has been preoccupied.

You see, he has a brand new blue plastic toy that has little holes in it. You put cat treats inside (I put in his favourite dry food which is limited in his diet and he loves it) and the cat is supposed to figure out how to roll the ball around till the goodies come out.

G figured it out in about 3 minutes - he is sooooo smart! So, he has either been playing with the ball or begging me to give it to him to play with! Happy kitty! : ))

Thanks for asking.


  1. The border looks great. Can't wait to see it on the hankie. When I saw the picture of Mr. G, I thought you were going to include him in the give-away, too. : )

  2. I think that not only colour of this thread is perfect for the hankie: it's great for project like that, because it is delicate and soft.

    Gian is a lovely creature! The ball is blue like his eyes :)

    1. Isn't he just! That is precisely why he was presented with the blue one, rather than the orange.
      Fox ; ))

  3. I think it looks great, and good for you for being able to leave your mistakes! So far I can't do that, crazy perfectionist that I am!

  4. Ol' Blue eyes is looking quite handsome and happy! Glad to hear you're not bored! The edging looks lovely. Is the pattern on the front of the SCMR book the one Frivole just did? Sure looks like it!

  5. Rapt that you have not given up with the Valdani... See what you can achieve???!!! Amazing lady!.
    Jon's pattern is a great choice. Now waiting for the finished product pics.

    1. Bull-headded, stubborn and incorrigible... Filthy-tongued, red-faced and spitting...

    2. Fox, I can't imagine you the way you describe yourself. Well, I can for the first part of the statement, but not the second part. he he

    3. : )) Ladytats, you are so kind- hearted!

  6. Just gorgeous!! WOW, that is going to be so pretty!!

  7. :) Thanks for the Mr. G fix! I was just sure he had packed his bags and taken off on some exotic adventure, like maybe to Greece or Bali! ;)

    Kitties can be sooo smart when it comes to getting what they want! (And, BTW, were you describing me to Liyarra? ? ? ? Sure sounds like me! :D )

  8. Go, Fox, go! It's gonna be a beauty!
    I had a busy ball like that for our dog, Cody. He loved it, too!