Monday, June 24, 2013

Titillating Tat

Oh yes, indeed. That is exactly what I am up to. An intriguing test-tat for a wonderful tatter that I am almost, but not quite finished. And it is a beauty.

 Cannot wait to show you! But not yet...

Then: Anchora Away!

This is the thread I ended up with from the Finca store that has nothing for me anymore as there is only Finca #8, which is much to bulky.

Apparently no one buys the #12, so the owner is phasing out all the thin stuff, and there is no more selection.  : (

She did have this one lone, yellow ball of #20 Ancrora from Portugal and another in beige. I bought them both, as this is finer than a Lizbeth #20 and I could not resist. The yellow is currently in use for the heraldic hanky. I will post my progress on that in a few days.

I believe I have settled on a pattern, and this is the thread which seems to work, strange as it may seem: yellow!

I did try another pattern in the Daiso #40 thread, but it is way too heavy for the silk. Pretty pattern however from the Handkerchief Pattern book:

Actually, I believe I have tatted this once before. It seemed very familiar and I recall the JKs.


  1. Hi Fox

    I am interested and looking forward to seeing what up are up to,
    The yellow looks lovely, and from Portugal well I will be looking for it next week as I will be in Portugal for a week.
    Looks a lovely edging pattern, will also be watching to see what pattern you find to do.
    Love to Gian hope he's well, we have not seen him recently.

  2. Can't wait to see your finished projects!! :)

  3. That is a very pretty yellow, and your test tat is intriguing.

  4. That is a lovely buttery yellow! How sad that the thread is being phased out from the inventory. If I had some to send your way, I would!

  5. Love the edging pattern you're tatting. Must look it up in that book. The yellow Anchor thread was a good find. I think you are so right - the right sized thread for the appropriate project.