Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Excited To Show You!

I started this motif by Iris Niebach a few weeks ago 
and gave up without a whimper. 

I just could not figure it out.

A few days ago I felt in the mood to try it again and GUESS WHAT? I understood all the directional changes and the whole thing made sense to me - which did NOT mean that I did not have to un-tat many times, but I have the idea now and can do another without any grief in understanding the pattern.

There are only 5 repeats in the completed motif, as I thought I was running out of thread; I was so excited by my success that I wanted to have a completed motif, so I finished, eliminating the sixth repeat. It turns out that I probably would have had enough for the six, but this is fine for the first - or rather, second - attempt at this complex pattern. 

It will look so much better when tatted with the balancing of six repeats.

Then for fun with a few beads, now that I can see what I have, as I have gifted a bunch of beads as part of my on-going paring down progress... These beads were both given to me and I forget by whom! But thanks, tatters! (I think they are from My Friend in North Carolina and Umintsuru :o  )

The thread is from Connie and is Karey Solomon’s #20.

The design is Jane E’s Twirly; I really like this pattern. Very relaxing to tat.


  1. Your first motif looks very elegant!! :)
    And your Twirly looks so royal to me!!! :)

  2. The pink motif is a real achievement, not least because it has clunies; there are clunies in Iris'new book which arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I think you would enjoy it.
    One of the patterns is called "Toronto"- a rather lovely doily. No clunies in that one.

    1. I was wondering about that book... I still have lots I have not tried from her three others!

  3. Nicely do e! I love the twirly! What's the thread?

  4. Michelle, thanks for the heads-up! I added Karey Solomon’s credit ...
    Fox : )

  5. Hi Fox
    Iris Niebach is one of my favourite and Your work is so delicate and precious!

  6. Hooray, well done! It looks great. Jane's twirly is definitely on my to-do list.

  7. Well done Fox! That motif definitely is NOT an easy one. I admire your perseverance in completing it the second time around.

    Like the Karey Solomon thread, nice gentle colour changes. A motif called Toronto? I have to see it! You'll have to tat it Fox (well, hoping it's one that appeals of course).

  8. Your pink motif looks good with 5 repeats too. Glad you were able to figure out the Iris Neibach design. Sometimes with me too, walking away from something frustrating and letting it percolate a while makes more sense.
    I like your Twirly too.

  9. Hi Fox

    Well done lovely two motifs and gorgeous colours.
    I left Gian a comment on my blog, don't think you ant to send a bats what's it, might cost too much to send to the UK.
    Sending Gian a cuddle and a hug

  10. much done in such a short time. They look great and I am glad you were able to work out Iris' pattern. Well Done Fox!!

  11. Way to go, you did it! Iris's patterns are gorgeous but a real challenge, I have one of hers sitting around home unfinished from a few years ago since I gave up on it. You even did the clunies! Your other motif is exquisite also, and such pretty colors.

  12. This is so pretty. Isn't it nice when things we've struggled with 'come together"?

  13. Your clunies are perfect. Both are beautiful!