Monday, June 3, 2013

Connie and Liyarra - Thank You!

Yes, it is due to inspiration I received from Liyarra over at Intatters and here on her blog, that I was able to challenge this pattern, luckily not running out of thread - it was close!

Slowly, I am using up stash thread very successfully, but this self-imposed task sure makes me tat fast!

Pattern by Lis Christiansen,
from the Danish Tatting Association Magazine,
“Orkis Bladet.” 
It is almost 6 inches across.
Thread: #50 Olympus. 

There was more blue in the air than in the motif, as I had to un-tat a gazillion times.

This is my kind of directional nightmare tat. In abundance was pondering and gnashing of .... well you’ve heard it all before!

 (I consulted the Tatting Dictionary by Judith Connors  trying to  figure out  downward facing picots needed for this pattern. I forget I have this book and it is a very good reference.)

In the end, I became familiar with the pattern - about three repeats from the end. ; ))  

Thanks Liayarra; it was fun and I am proud of this one. I might tat it again (though not tomorrow) in one colour,  one that is more pleasing to me. These colours, which I purchased not long ago, shout too much for my recent preferences that seem to be evolving  and changing as time goes by.

Taking frustration breaks I tatted yet 
another Susanne Schwenke pattern:

That makes three:

More Mail
A while ago I as moaning and groaning about the fact that  I could not find anything but dollar store hankies to put borders on and I got an email from Connie who said she was going to send me some. Apparently, she had come across “the motherlode of hankies!” WhooHoo!

Here are the lovelies in all their colourful variety:
Just look at this heraldic gem:
Fun, eh!

Mr. G was not overlooked, which is a good thing, as he
 was literally licking his lips as he scrutinized the contents
of the package.  (check out the tongue action!)
Connie included those terrific tea towels because the
cat reminded her of Gian. How very sweet is that?

Last but not least, look at the card that was enclosed. It is a gorgeous tatting photograph, on matte ivory paper card.  I just love it. I am going to put it in a little frame and hang it - something I do not do lightly in my spartan abode.
Thank you Connie, for all this. 
I am, without a doubt, one lucky tatter.


  1. Wow - you are indeed one lucky tatter! I love the card - and the blue and green is soooo springy. It's so true to become familiar with a pattern just a few repeats from the end - drives me crazy.

    Gian knows good taste when he sees it!

  2. I'm glad you like the hankies and if any of your blog followers live in or visit Denver,let me know and I'll tell you where the motherlode is located. There were many,many more.

  3. Fabulous tatting!!! Love all the motifs and wonderful colors!!! :)
    I am guessing that there will be plenty of hankies with wonderful tatted edgings soon??? :)

  4. The tatting is beautiful! It makes the eye meander along. Well done!
    Love the tea towel. Is Mr G thinking of making it his?. Connie found some gems. Such pretty ones too. Hope you have lots of fun.

  5. Your color choice is very vibrant, and might not have been my first pick, your doily is an interesting pattern. Where did you find it? Inquiring minds would like to know.

    1. Thanks, Ladytats. It is from the Danish Tatting Guild magazine an few years ago.

  6. You make such wonderful things! I love the colors!

  7. What a lovely little pattern...I'll have to try it :) What color would you pair with the heraldic hankie?

    1. I have been wondering what to do with colour for that...

  8. Hi Fox

    Lovely motif, but green and blue should not be seen together, well that's what I was always told as a child when I was putting colours together.
    It looks a pattern that needs getting to grips with and you ended up with something that is well tatted.
    Your tatting is getting better with everything you make.
    Love the hankys I await to see which patterns you use.
    I wonder if Mr G will claim the tea towel as his for his personal use.
    Love to Gian
    Hugs Margaret

    1. Thank you, Margaret. I am delighted you see progress here!

      Really? Blue and green a no-no? I was told it was red and yellow.

      Ah, what do THEY know, anyway!
      Fox xoxo

  9. I really like this blue-green napkin: the pattern looks like a living thing! Though it is moving!

  10. Oooh, wonderful hankies from Connie! Enjoying your tats. Lis's pattern is very appealing.

  11. HEy Fox....Looks fantastic! It is a bit of a challenge pattern that one. But the work is well worth it and it is not a commonly found pattern either!
    Love seeing what you did with it.

  12. Ohhh, I love that green & blue. I had not heard of this book so am going to look it up. Also love the hankies!

  13. What a wonderful lot of hankies! All those pretty edgings you will be coming up with...
    I'm impressed by the green and blue motif, I'm sure that required quite a lot of concentration.

    I'd be tempted to go for pink for your heraldic hanky... or maybe even black?

    1. Oooooo... black? Do I dare? I had thought about pink, but it is a mauvey-pink. I think there is an Altin Basak colour I have had in the past that I might check out... In my memory, it is close to what I think this is. Could be way off though!

      Thanks for the comment. It did take concentration and I am pleased with it!
      Fox : )

  14. I love that pattern! It looks like row upon row of flowers - something you can't go wrong with. Is the pattern from a book?

    1. It is from a Danish magazine. Yes, it is a great pattern.
      Fox : )

  15. Mustard yellow - gold - for the hanky. And here is another source for you to drool over, I've just bought a couple:
    They have a website too, but I have lost the name.

    The Christiansen doily is gorgeous, and I'm so happy that Liyarra has picked up her shuttles again.

    1. Interesting you should say that, Maureen as I have been inquiring about a gold thread I saw on one of the shop sites - a Valdani quilting thread. It is akin to a # 80, thin, but a great shade. It would sure take a while to tat... I am thinking of Frivole's Crown Border Adaptation...

      I am thrilled about the return of Liyarra!
      Fox : )