Friday, May 17, 2013

Mail - Minnesota to Singapore


A Happy Bluebird sent this to me, and I am more than delighted with the little fabric envelope with all its pockets and the adorable needle case that closes with velcro!

Thank you, Cindy!  I love the colours in the pouch - my faves - and the needle case has been in constant use with all the ends I have had to sew in lately!

Your photography on the card front is beautiful. It is obvious that you have many talents beyond tatting.

I was so excited to see another parcel the next day that I saved opening it till I was in the Beach, near the lake, and I sat by the water and opened the envelope... from Umintsuru, out of the blue!

The hankie is silk and a beautiful shade of pink/shell. The thread looks amazing, #40 and in my favourite pastels. I am really looking forward to trying out this thread that I have never seen before.

Thank you very much, Wendy! 

I am so fortunate. 
: )
Inspired by a post of Frivole’s here, I thought I should brush up on my cluny tatting because I like the Iris Niebach pattern that she has done. It is a real beauty. If I can find time to tat it, it is one that I am eager to attempt.

Progress On The Little Linen Square

Orsi has a giveaway here. It is pretty. Go have a look!


  1. Really nice clunies!! :)
    Love, love, love that rainbow colorway!!! Beautiful edging!! :)


  2. Hi Fox
    Before I nip over to see orsi, I want to say well done and what a lovely surprise. I look forward to seeing what you tat with that gorgeous thread.
    Lovely hanky, and lovely edging I look forward to seeing it when you have finished.
    I had a laugh yesterday with crazy mum saying you were a lady of leisure, well from one lady of leisure to another have a nice weekend.
    Love to Gian

  3. so good to have good friends. And such pretty presents.
    Cindy sent such a useful and pretty bag and the hanky and thread from Wendy will be fun.

  4. Such beautiful goodies! What a pleasure to open a package with such interesting things inside! That thread looks very interesting. I look forward to seeing what you create with it.

  5. That rainbow colour is stunning!
    Meryl in Australia

  6. What wonderful stamps on your parcel from Singapore! Year of the Snake, there's a rather nice pattern for one on Etsy - Tatting nyonya is the store owner, but I haven't got the link just now.
    The thread looks nice, I have a feeling I have seen that brand recently in a new shop just opened here called Daiso - must have a look next time I'm in the vicinity.

  7. Oooh, such nice packages! Love your cluny tatting--I can't get that nice finish no matter how many times I try, so I'm now avoiding clunies ......
    Your little linen square edging is wonderful!