Monday, May 6, 2013

Forgoing Frustration

Update: Jan Stawasz Do**y
I have wasted so much thread trying to get a final round that is 1) without mistakes 2) the appropriate colour and 3) the right weight of thread, that I took a break before stumbling on the perfect solution. That I shall keep hidden from view till I finish!
Here is what I attempted in the interim:

This is one of many of the pattens I have tried from this book and I have to admit I am not at all impressed!

Angeline Crichlow must be acknowledged for contributing much to the tatting community by writing the book, teaching and by her enthusiastic education of the public about her beloved art-form, but I have had no luck with any of her patterns - not one, as the stitch counts all seem off, as in the example here.

This is supposed to be flat, not cupped:

The thread called for was one size from what I am using, so I cannot say that is the reason for the problem.

No matter - it was a fun escape from the doily and I liked the thread and the beads were fun, so cupping or not I finished it!

LATER: Please note the comment by Frances, who noticed I left out a bunch of chains and that is why the row was so tight! I cannot blame poor Angeline for this - my apologies all around! [though I have had problems with most of the patterns of hers I have tatted : )) ]


  1. When I got Let's Tat from the library, I found mistakes in the written instructions as well as the visual representation of the one pattern I tatted. It took some careful studying and revisions before I even began to tat. Nonetheless, quite an interesting read, my favorite page being the photographs of the generations of tatters in her family. Love her mother's name Exilda

    1. Exilda! I must have missed that! Thanks for clueing me in - great name!
      Fox : ))

  2. Hi Fox, have you noticed that you have missed a chain that joins between the clovers as well as at the clovers.

  3. No! I did NOT see that ! You are so right!. Well, I seem to be at fault here and not poor Angeline! Thanks for pointing this out!
    Fox : O

  4. It looks pretty anyway!! :) And don't feel bad, because you are not the only one to make that mistake!! A week or so ago I started a new pattern and it seemed awful tight and I couldn't understand why until I took a really long look and noticed that the chains were supposed to join between the clovers as well as at the bottom of the clovers just like the one you have(just a different pattern). I couldn't believe I missed it, but I plan on trying again and hopefully it will turn out. You will do better next time too!! :)

  5. It may bowl, but it's still a cute pattern. The beads are a nice addition.

  6. This would make a nice cover for a pin cushion! They can be made pretty quickly from fabric, as shown in the classic book 'Tatting for Today'. You could just use pins around the bottom to hold it on. I like the red center!

  7. I've had many patterns that have left me baffled. Cupping when it is not wanted is irritating. I thought maybe you were going for a domed shape to fit around a paper weight. ;-)

  8. I was looking at what you did, and thought if you did another just like it, and stiffened them, you would have a box, or you could join them for an ornament to hang.

  9. Hi Fox

    It would make a nice cover for a pot or little dish, so don't waste it, what a pity you missed out a few chains, I expect you will have another go at it and it will work out perfectly.
    Love to Gian

  10. I thought you were making a Christmas tree ball decoration. It would be a pretty one!