Thursday, April 25, 2013

After The Tears - Twirly!

After a very rough beginning, it eventually turned out quite nicely!

The thread is Yarnplayer’s Dark Hydrangea and it felt like silk, but I could be mistaken. It was a different texture than my other threads, so I am curious as to what it is. Marilee?

The neato pattern? Jane’s Twirly. Love it and am going to try it in another thread. I rather like Frivole’s, here,  tatted in a pretty pastel variegated thread. 

Another thing; it would be better if both threads were the same weight. Marilee’s variegated is #2o and the lilac Olympus is #40. They are very close in thickness but I was very aware of the difference. 


  1. Beautiful tatting!
    I love these colors, beautiful!

  2. That turned out great Fox! And did you do split chains?... 'cause I can't tell from looking at your motif which is a great sign if you used them. :-)
    Great colours!

    1. Fox said...
      Best compliment ever! YES! They are split chains. You made my day, Frivole. Thank you!
      Fox : ))

  3. Hi Fox

    Beautiful piece and looks a lovely colour. Well done at getting it done on the 4th try.

    Love to Gian

  4. Mmmm, quite pretty! I can't get over how different it looks in two colors and just one, even in variegated colors. Lovely!

  5. Oh that is very nice Fox. Beautiful work. I am so glad you persevered with it. You do such pretty work. Thank you. I think you picked good colors.

  6. Thank you, everyone! It is such a lovely pattern.. I am glad I persevered - well worth the effort.
    Fox : )

  7. Yours looks wonderful in the colours you've chosen, and shows the pattern well. I just finished printing this pattern and there it was all tatted up on your blog.

  8. Your Twirly is so pretty. It looked more blue on my phone but looks more purple on my laptop. Split chains? Where? Now, I have to try this too.

  9. Fantastic colour combo on this lovely motif. Oh how I miss tatting...