Monday, April 8, 2013

Tilting at Windmills

Yes, I finally got around to trying this Mary Konior pattern. It intimidated me for a long time! I know why - it took me a long time to get the pattern repeats fixed in my brain, but once it clicked it is very easy and you can increase the size and keep tatting for a larger piece. Lovely pattern.

I found this in this book:

I absolutely could not decipher the pattern in the diagram. There were no written instructions.

Really, I studied the diagram for ages and gave up, but then recalled that this pattern was in one of the books on my shelf.

The book was much easier to understand so I was able to tat the motif; otherwise it would never have made it off my shuttles. No way.

This is the blue thread, hand-dyed #20 (I think), sent to me by Denise. It is a great thread, whatever it is, and even though it is a bit thick, I enjoyed tatting with it very much.



  1. That's lovely. I may have to give it a try.

  2. That's a very nice variegated blue... and of course, what a perfect shuttle-thread-design match!

    Ah those pesky interlocking rings! Don't know whether to try them again or just take the cheat's way out and stick with a needle (the only time I use one for tatting).

  3. Pretty windmill mat. is that an MK pattern?
    interlocking rings can be frustrating. good luck.

  4. Wow! Your new header is really cool! And I love the windmill motif, looking so great next to the 'matching' shuttle!

    As to the rings, I won't abandon you! I plan to do a supplement to my tutorial with some more detailed photos! (I don't dare 'edit' my posts because I'm afraid I would do something stupid and goof up the posts!) I will add photos which may help clear up the confusion some have had at various points. Now that I'm back from our big tatting event this past weekend, I can devote more time to this! Hang in there!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for noticing the header. I was not sure if it worked or not, as I change them a lot and some are good and others are not!
      Fox : )

  5. Pretty windmill mat. I have that one on my list. Beautiful color.

  6. Lovely windmill. The color of the thread is fabulous.

  7. Very lovely, beautiful how the color variations in the thread add to the movement in the windmills pattern!

  8. Hi Fox

    Beautiful shade of blue, Lovely motif, well done on tatting this lovely pattern.

    The rings will come they need a lot of practice.
    Love to Gian

  9. I love the windmill tatted in this thread!

  10. Beautiful windmill. I love that photo with your shuttle. Tatting the interlocking rings is not easy.