Thursday, April 18, 2013

Slow and Sluggish

To keep my mind alert while I healed I played a bit with these, so I would not forget how to tat them.

Sluggish? Yes, I have been tatting slowly the past few days... You see, I was forced to cut away many repeats of the Snowflake Napkin.
: (
So, I am where I was about three days ago and there is a lot of wasted thread in the bin. I kept tatting the very same mistake over and over again.

That is what happens when I get bored and I do become extremely bored with large patterns having many repeating motifs.

I do have a marvellous excuse, however:

This injury is NOT related to tatting!

Can you believe (Michelle, take note) I got my thumb caught in the lint remover of the giant dryer in our laundry room? I mean really, who does this? 

This is the almost healed digit. When the wound was fresh, the thumb was initially black and then deep purple. Needless to say, it has been quite sore and is in a most painful spot, making spinning the bobbin a problem, so tatting has slowed down and so my concentration wavers as a result. Good excuse?

Promise to self: I will not to take on another oversized pattern after I finish Renulek’s last row of this piece.

I also went through my mom’s wrapping paper, looking for something pretty to wrap a gift and I found some hummingbird paper.

A hummingbird once anded on my mom’s fingers. She always had long, immaculately manicured nails and that day she was wearing a colourful polish.

I covered the Altoids tin I have been using for tatting with a bit of the paper. It makes me smile.

Have a look at this tatting. 
It is absolutely GORGEOUS!


  1. You are so right. That is just wonderful tatting. Beautiful.

  2. Oh Fox, I am so sorry for your thumb. That is no fun at all.
    Your maltese ring looks very good.
    Good luck with the Snowflake napkin once your thumb heals.

  3. Wow, that tatting is gorgeous. I especially like how she did the green earrings.

  4. Oh help! Really? You poor thing (stifling giggles). It really does look terrible though.
    Sorry to hear about all the cutting, I hate that!
    From Iowa where it is actually NOT snowing.

  5. Oops forgot to say how much I LOVE the tin!

  6. I've been known to put Crazy Glue on a wound to protect it. Maybe that would help.

    1. Yikes! That sounds very unpleasant!
      Fox : O

    2. I have used Crazy Glue too. It is what doctors use sometimes instead of stitches. It stings a bit at first but seals the wound until it heals better.
      I have used it to close cuts instead of making the trip to the ER for stitches.

  7. Hi Fox

    I said one word when I saw your finger oooch,good job vernon (my hubby) is not with you I pile if wasted thread in your bin, he had a go at me yesterday for wasting thread, I have been asked to make 12 snowflakes, I have done this pattern many many times, but I made a mistake and scrapped it half way round the second row, The mistake was in the first round and no way could I unpick it, so I scrapped it, it was not even a half shuttle amount if thread, you would think I do nothing but waste thread all the time. After that every snowflake I tried went wrong. The want these snowflakes like last week. They are going to France but I don't know what she is doing with them, the flu is going but has left me with a chesty cough.

    That is some beautiful tatting and gorgeous earrings.

    Hope it heals fast love to Gian

  8. Oh dear Fox, that would slow you down! I'm glad it's on the mend. I've been thinking I should do Renulek's mat, but I think I might just stop before the round you're on now.

  9. I love the hummingbird on your tin! Hope the thumb heals quickly.

  10. Wow, that tatting is exceptional...and crazy glue on a wound is not so crazy, I read somewhere that it was actually used for that purpose in the first place, makes and excellent wound closer and protects it better than a bandage.

  11. Your shuttle is gorgeous!! :)
    Hope you heal up soon!! :)

  12. Ouch! That cut looks painful. I'm glad to hear it's already better than it was. I like making large pieces, but find that alternating work on the large piece with something else helps maintain my sanity.

    1. Yes. Though I do not like to work on more than one piece, I have learned to loosen up and change my ways! It is a good thing to tat smaller things when a big pattern is in progress. It certainly does help!
      Fox : )