Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can’t Stop Picking At It...

This is indeed correct, but I am accomplishing it in my own peculiar fashion, posting the shuttle at the end of the rings. I wish I knew exactly what I am doing.

Now, there is that final ring to conquer, but Jon’s instructions work for me, so I will attempt the closure tonight. Again.

Remember this? 
Renulek’s Tat-A-Long?

Here is the start of the next row that she has just posted:

I thought we were done with this one! Apparently not. I am horrified that there may be a lot more, as I have run out of the reddish thread. So, I had to think ahead and make a decision about this next row.

Also, I had ordered some Clover shuttles for the WIP hanky, so I would not have to keep adding thread and then I thought I could use them for Renulek's as well, but after a bit of tatting on the hanky, I realize the switch from learning on the Clover to total addiction to bobbin shuttle has solidified. 

I find the Clovers clumsy. I can tat with them, but winding and unwinding makes me crazy and I really miss the feel of my LaCossette shuttles. I have definitely crossed the floor, though I am glad that I have a few Clovers, as the pastels are no longer available and the large ones might be good if I use them from the very beginning of a very big or complex pattern to avoid adding thread.


  1. Tat a little, pick a little, tat, tat, tat... before you know it, you'll have it down pat. I have confidence in you!

    What can I say? I love my La Cossette shuttles, but Clovers are my go-to shuttles. I find them easier to wind and unwind. Isn't it grand that we have so many shuttles to choose from? :-)

    1. How do you wind so easily? And unwind? I wish I did not get so frustrated winding and unwinding the Clovers as I like the feel of them while tatting. Maybe I am impatient and try to go as fast as bobbin-filling. Yes, it is certainly wonderful to have so much choice!
      Fox : )

  2. Beautiful doily! I cannot wait to see how much larger it will get:)

  3. Can't wait to see that next round of that large doily finished!! Bet it will be awesome!! :)

  4. I was wondering about the 2nd Renulek mat. Nice to see that there is going to be more. I think that row is going to look very much like little purple flowers on a green vine.
    good for you persevering with the IR

    I just so prefer bobbin shuttles, I can use a post, but the the tip clicking irritates me. I like the weight of the new Aerlits, but I don't like the clicking the bobbin makes as it moves in the shuttle. I think I got to liking the silent bobbin shuttles, as I occasionally tat at meetings and other times when silence is a very good idea.

  5. This is a marvellous doily!
    I love the small clover shuttles, the new bigger ones are to big in my hands.
    Happy Tatting!

  6. It's all I can do to keep up with all your tatting adventures!

    I'm so pleased you haven't given up on the rings! Ironically, I usually DO post the shuttle but decided it was optional. I hesitated to mention it as I didn't want to add more confusion, especially for those who find posting the shuttle to be cumbersome. I wasn't sure if you 'posted' or not! I'm glad if it works better for you!

    I definitely prefer bobbin shuttles with the hook.

    I thought the doily was finished! Love the stars! Can't imagine where it's going from here. You sure have a lot of patience with these large projects!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I anticipated this response when I wrote about posting... I had remembered that you talked about that, but don’t know who else remembers! So I wrote accordingly.

      Have not given up just yet. We shall see. : )

      Yes, that doily is going to be another biggy, I fear! I really did think we had finished and considered not plowing ahead, but I could not ignore the challenge.

  7. Hi Fox

    Ok well I have just started the snowflake round, the last one for me was the round from hell, and yes now I find there's more, well I also have to buy more thread too to finish this round, think I better buy two balls in case.
    The interlocking rings look good, glad that Jon's diagram has helped you. Not doing much of anything this week as I have a cold/ flu.
    Love to Gian

  8. Have you tried the Clovers without the pick ends??

    1. Liyarra! Hi!
      Yes, a few years ago. I recall they were very small. Do they hold a lot? And you must use a hook... What size crochet hook would I need?
      Fox : )