Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Difficulty With Doilies

Karey Solomon’s ‘Golden Arches
HDT is Jess’s and the solid blue is Cebelia #30

Pretty isn’t it?  Too bad I missed all those joins and had to drop 2 repeats! 

However, Unless I told you I’ll bet the pattern is so good you would not even have noticed! Thanks Karey. This is a great design.

Seems I have reverted to my old tricks of un-tatting just as much as I tat. As well as counting incorrectly, I also missed seeing the joins to which I was supposed to attach the end of each repeat. 

As a matter of fact I realized at the very end that the first missed join was in the very first repeat. So annoying.

I should have known.


  1. Fox, that is a very pretty doily. Who would know that joins are missing? or repeats left out? it will look very good on a table.

  2. Looks beautiful to me and very nice colors!! :)

  3. I share your pain! I do think I untat more than I tat. I am not sure how anything ever gets done!

    Doily is pretty. Maybe you could just say you "modified" it?

  4. Very pretty! I understand about missed joins... they've caused me to snip a tread or two.!

  5. The doily turned out very pretty - I love your thread color choice.

    Dang, I hate that un-tatting thing too. Crocheting was much easier to un-do, but I figure that's why the tatting challenge appeals to me. Self-torture!

  6. So this is YOUR version of the pattern. Sometime the "revision" turns out much prettier than the original pattern. I think it looks great! Love the color, too.

  7. I did it again! Wrote you a comment and by the slip of a slide, it disappeared!
    Untatting takes 2 or 3 X the time to tat but it is often worth it to the person tatting.
    But . . . sometimes, you just have to let it go. This doily turned out beautiful and no one knows where you missed out.

  8. Das ist ein wunderschönes Deckchen, die Farbe gefällt mir auch sehr gut.

    Liebe Grüße Cornelia

  9. Even with you telling us, I still can't see anything wrong with it!

  10. Hi Fox

    When I first looked at the picture I thought it was lovely piece of tatting, and then I read your piece and thought oh dear Fox, but I can't see the mistakes just a very lovely pattern. No doubt you will be trying this pattern again.
    Love to Gian

  11. This doily IS PRETTY. I'm not looking closely so it works for me. Lovely blue.

  12. Thank you everyone! You are kind... I can easily see the glaring errors... but only after the fact. : ))

    I might tat this again sometime as it is an interesting pattern and would very different in different threads...
    Fox : )