Thursday, March 21, 2013

Red and Yellow Catch A Fellow

These words are from one of my favourite childhood books “Ellen Tibbets,” and they have followed me around forever, made even more influential because I was always admonished that these two colours should NEVER be placed together.

I was about to put the shuttle away, having finished a small motif, when I paused and looked at the wonderful and yellow are right in there all right! 

So, I loaded it up, grabbed another and started a new project:

This is the thread that Orsi sent me: 
Anchor Mercer Crochet #80

I thought that I would have trouble with the tiny thread as I have not used it in a while, so I was most surprised by how different this #80 is from DMC, Star or other vintage #80 cotton threads that I have tried in the past.

This thread is fabulous! It is so easy to tat with and cannot be compared to anything I have used before. I understand why other tatters have said they will not use any of the old threads or certain other #80 threads ever again. There is just no comparison.  

This stuff rocks! I love it. Imagine, #80! Thanks, again, Orsi!


...but so cute! I came back from the laundry room 
to find Monsieur G on the bed,  perched over my book!

Lastly, I completed this Jennifer Williams motif and have mastered that pretty celtic join. Though I did tat it before, I did not really understand what I had done. Now I do! : ))


  1. Lovely motifs!
    Now I can see how you do the connection on the red and yellow one.
    And it is interesting as you tat from left to right, I make it in opposite direction.
    Gorgeous work with this fine thread:)

  2. I think Gian is finally convinced to give tatting a try also! That is why he is studying that huge pattern so intently! ;) He probably wanted to surprise you! :D

  3. Love the red and yellow together. Reminds me of my mum, who said you never put pink and red together. I'd still hesitate to do that! Interesting comments about the thread brand, thanks. I'm going to try those interlocked picots soon.

  4. Hi Fox

    Red and yellow it looks lovely together, looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Well done on Celtic join, looks lovely.
    I said to you before the Gian must have been a tatter in another world, that picture tells me I am right.
    Love to Gian, Perhaps he could help you when you make a mistake he could put it right???
    Have a good day

  5. I remember that rhyme, although I don't remember reading Ellen Tibbets. We have it in the school library, so maybe I should read it. :-)

    I do enjoy working with Anchor Mercer. I managed to find some in white, and I plan on using it for snowflakes. I'll have to look for colors when I go to the Lafayette Lace Days in April. I'll be sure to let you know what I find!

  6. I don't know why red and yellow wouldn't go together, I always think of nature, yellow centers and the colors of petals, or petals against the stems and leaves. Your red and yellow go together very well. I like the celtic picots too. very nice.

  7. Love the pic of Gian studying your tatting book, and I think red and yellow go together well.

  8. ... ohh soo cute the foto of Gian...he really looked lost in studying the pattern... leave a shuttle there next time...:)) the Jennifer Williams celtik picots!!!...
    laughing Guni