Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful By Barraza

Pattern by Karla Barraza   Thread #40 Lizbeth

It is called 
Anna’s Doily” 
and it can be found here.

I was captivated by this pattern when it appeared on Frivole’s blog and just had to have it as I am also very fond of square designs. Frivole warned about directional changes, but surprisingly ( and refreshingly) I had not one bit of trouble with that!

What I did find that prompted a lot of un-tatting was that I could not seem to follow the directions - I kept losing my place on the page. 

I have run out of Post-Its, which I usually use to mark my place on the page, so that is probably why I had such a problem. Otherwise it is a very straightforward piece.


  1. Looks great! I'm glad it was easier to tat than you expected.

  2. It looks totally awesome!!! :)
    My friend is a knitter and she has a neat way to follow her patterns, it is a magnetic board with a straight magnet on the front. You take the straight piece off the front and place your pattern on the magnetic board, and place the straight magnet on your pattern under the section you are working on and move it down as needed. I really want to find something similar because I think it would be quite handy. :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Sue.

      I have tried that and every other knitter’s gadget know to the Yarn Lover’s Universe, but they all turn into distractions for me, so the simpler and less obtrusive the better! That is why I love the Post-Its; they can be removed and/or replaced so easily and they take up no space.
      Fox : )

  3. Hi Fox

    Another great pattern, love it, and you have done a good job
    Hope the flu has finally gone,
    Love to Gian

  4. ...it looks so lovely...it's stressful to concentrate when ill...your body needs your force...you've just a liitle to tat ;))..and do a great job though...
    get well soon

  5. Hi Fox
    me too ! I still have some Post-Its handy when I tat ;-)
    lovely color and nice work
    Have a nice day

  6. Das ist eine sehr hübsche Arbeit. Sie gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Liebe Grüße Cornelia

  7. Beautiful color- and I love the tatting- very lovely!
    I used to cross stitch and had a magnetic gizmo too but like you said, more of a distraction than a help.
    Off to invest heavily in post-it stock.

  8. The pattern is very beautiful and unique. I can see that it would be easy to lose track though! I also like the color. It reminds me of winter, although with the all snow outside right now, you would think the last thing I would want to think about was winter!

  9. That looks very nice. You did an excellent job. Congrats. I am glad that you had no trouble with the direction changes.

  10. Oh that is beautiful!! You did a fine job. I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for "you know what" which I will try starting on it soon. Can you suggest a colour?

    1. : )) As long as it is not variegated, I think... any colour would be good!

  11. It looks perfect! Great piece. I'm going to try this.

  12. oh this is such a beautiful square... I think me wants to try it. You're luring me back into tatting! :D Your work is really nice.

    1. Aysh, pick up those shuttles! Do it now!
      Fox : ))