Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Totally Tatting

Jon’s Johar in Yarnplayer’s(?) HDT #20

Yes, I am back to it! Went for a jog, (at my old place - could not stand figuring out a new route just yet!) came home, bought some eggs from the convenience store on the ground floor ( !), made an omelette and finished up Jon’s Johar.

Maybe it’s an easier pattern than some of her older ones or  - hopefully - my techniques have improved, for I found this easier to work out in spite of the directional changes. Thanks Jon for a very pretty pattern and an enjoyable tat - especially during all the moving drama!

My new apartment is still tiny by most standards but to me it is palatial, as it is 50 square feet larger than the other one and has elevators that actually work! And the laundry room? (Michelle take note) It is HEAVEN! So, I am pleased except for one detail and I knew it would be a downer...I face north and not east and the quality of light is not to my liking. I love an eastern exposure.

The management here has assured me that I can move within the building if it is too much to bear as soon as another unit appears, so I am mollified for now. : )

Honey Napkin sits in front of me... 
I suppose I should fill up the shuttles...


  1. ...happy new home...congrats...the blue tatting is very nice!!!Those hankies you got in the looked very exclusive...like swiss needlework...are they?
    Enjoy discovering your new surrounding...

  2. Hi Fox

    Your apartment sounds good, and what a pity you face north but if one comes up facing east at least you are in the right place to get the news first and make up your mind about moving.
    Love to Gian, 50 feet more room to play wow he won't know himself

  3. Tantalizing tat! It looks great in the blues.
    East light is so nice in the morning, shining in the windows saying Wake Up! Artists who paint like the north light, though, for it's lack of shadows. Hope you get a new unit soon with east sunshine.

  4. If you lived in Queensland, you would have a very desirable aspect; advertisements always point out those properties which are "North facing".And when we built our new house, the architect sited it North-South on the land.
    Everything is relative, I suppose!

    1. Funny you should mention that! I learned that when I was researching exposures... South facing is the premium location here in the northern hemisphere - just a mirror image. My favourite is south-east..
      Fox : )

  5. So glad you are enjoying your new place up to a point. You never know, you might like this one after all, but if they say you get a chance to move, then there is that.
    Glad you have laundry space available, and a convenience store in your own building, wonderful!. Oh, a new route to plan, with new sights to see, and new tatting inspirations.
    The honey napkin will be done soon, I am sure you are looking forward to that.
    Your tatting looks very good, and the blue was the right color.

  6. I lived in one apartment with a northern exposure, and I always wanted to get outside for some sunshine! Our house faces east, and I love it! My favorite chair is by the living room window, and our bedroom faces east. There's nothing like waking up to beautiful sunshine! 50 square feet is an amazing amount of room, and a good laundry room is essential! I hope an eastern exposure opens up soon!

  7. The blue is glorious but I want pictures of the laundry room!

  8. Your Jon's Johar motif is so pretty in the dreamy blue HDT. Yarnplayer's threads are always so gorgeous.

    So, how many boxes will remain unpacked as you watch the "unit's opening up soon" list for one with a coveted eastern exposure? If it were me, I would only unpack the bare minimum needed to function...(but I HATE unpacking).