Thursday, February 28, 2013

Speedy Shuttles

That is what I must surely possess... Lightening LaCossettes!

I say this because I have this to show you today - just two days after folding away that enormous Honey Napkin: a dollar store cotton hankie is embellished here with Chain Reactiona Mary Konior pattern composed

only of chains. The thread is Olympus, #40, which is such a delight to use, especially after months of tatting with 2-ply Finca #8! 

This was a most enjoyable tat. : )
I forgot to post a photo of this lovely card that I received last week from Margaret - a  lovely surprise. She makes the most amazing cards. Thank you, Margaret!

The red and orange/red thread samples she sent along are lovely - Altin Basak #50, metallic. I shall have to find the perfect patterns for them.


  1. Lightning indeed! Holy cow, you were ready for something new. I love this edging pattern - and what a great way to jazz up a dollar store hankie :)

  2. Very pretty edging. that dresses up the hanky very well.
    such a cute card, I have seen some of Margaret's cards, they are gorgeous.

    have fun with the new threads

  3. I am speechless Fox! Lightning speed indeed! Lovely hanky, beautiful border. Is this one for you?

  4. Wow...beautiful hankie and lightning shuttles for sure!

  5. I have always known you had speedy shuttles, Fox! Your output is tremendous, and always beautiful. Great hankie.

  6. Enchanting!
    All chains? I may have to try it. I have to wear a brace for 10 days and can make chains but rings are a stinker (velcro).

  7. If it's a nice fast pattern, maybe it would do for my Wedding Hanky - I can't choose, I have been studying patterns for weeks and weeks.

    1. Funny, that process of choosing a pattern, especially for something special.

      I think sometimes you just have to trust that it will be THE right one and just pick... and then stick to it. Usually it turns out to be the perfect pattern for the occasion. : )

      This is a lovely pattern to tat and it is elegant and simple. I can see it ‘jazzed up” with tiny white pearl beads...
      Fox : )

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    I just love how Cindy said “jazz up a dollar store hankie,” and the fact that it was tatted with white thread, no rings and no beads! That made me chuckle...

    Fox : )

  9. Yes ! Pristine white! All chains and so fast. Enjoyable and a gorgeous hanky. What more could one ask for! Thank you for that thoughtful comment, Fox!

  10. Very pretty. There's a similar pattern in a Coats book I have. I never could quite get the hang of this way and that way. The good thing about all chains is that the shuttle thread disappears very slowly!

  11. Hi Fox

    Beautiful hanky, love the edging well done for doing at lightening speed,
    I am glad you liked your card, I thought of you when I made it with that image
    Have a nice weekend
    Love to Gian