Friday, February 22, 2013

Happily Elizabeth


It was my Aunt Elizabeth who cautioned me to run away and join the circus rather than get married. She meant it. She was quite a character. In retrospect, her idea might just have been a good one - at the time!

My aunt passed away last week at the age of 92.  
‘Elizabeth' and‘Happily' are for her.


An alternative shape to 

Now, I am going to write these patterns up, as two different pieces; one as Happily, quite an easy piece to tat, and the other as Elizabeth, with two shape options, both having the more fiddly addition of bugle beads using safety pins.

From Hungary!
Thank you, Orsi! 

Orsi and I decided to trade some thread samples. I sent ‘samples.” 
Orsi sent entire balls! 

Look at this lovely Anchor supply I have here. The small balls are size #80 and the white is #40. It looks like fabulous tatting thread and I am certainly going to enjoy it very much.

Take a look at the heart that is attached to the beads that Orsi has sent along with the thread... I cannot stop touching her tatting as the tension is absolutely perfection. Really. This is one of the finest examples of tatting I have seen. 

Ah, once again I am reminded how awesome Tat-Land is, and how lucky I am to have stumbled into the realm.

Thank you, Orsi, for the fun of swapping and for your generosity. What fun!

‘Let’s Tat’, by Angeline Chrichlow, is now with Michelle, 
the 23 recipient of the travelling tatting book since April 2010.

There is still quite a list,
 and I would like the book to return home soon, 
so I am going to request that each person keep 
the book for no longer than 3 weeks. 

Do you think you can do this?

Would all folks on the list please email me and confirm 
if you still are interested and send me your current address

If I do not hear from you by March 5th I shall 
remove your name from the list.

Just a little housekeeping. 
Fox : )


  1. I think Elizabeth would have been my favorite aunt also. Beautiful tribute to her.

  2. Hi Fox

    A gorgeous motif for someone who sounds quite a special person
    Love to Mr G
    Hugs Margaret

  3. Those are all pretty motifs. Each in it's own way.
    What a fun package to get in the mail.

  4. What a beautiful way to remember your aunt! The patterns are gorgeous! :)

  5. Lovely tats Fox! And a nice way to honour your Aunt.

  6. Happily is a wonderful tribute to your aunt! I'd have never been brave enough to run away with the circus, and I can't imagine any relative of mine suggesting it! ;-)

  7. That lovely white Anchor looks so soft.
    What a cheerful pattern (and variations) to memorialize your Aunt Elizabeth. A lovely memory to remember her.

    1. Hi there, HJ,
      Actually, I think this Anchor is rather like DMC Cordonnet - rather still, though it does look soft in the photo!

      Thanks for your comment. I was hoping the patterns came off as ‘cheerful,’ as that is what my Aunt Liz most definitely was.
      Fox : )

  8. I missed this post. I am sorry for your loss. Aunt Liz will be happy to know you named your pattern after her.