Monday, February 4, 2013

An Astonishing Surprise

On moving day, and on the way out the door - at literally the very last moment - the superintendent of the building came over handed me a very heavy little box and said, “This came for you.” I do not know when he received it, and he is so unpredictable that it is impossible to know when it actually arrived.

Needless to say, I put it aside till hours after the move - and I do mean hours! Every box was unpacked; it was time to rest.

I had gotten into bed, exhausted at about 12:30 and could not get to sleep, as I was so wired, so I turned the light on and my eyes fell on the package. I thought it was  the perfect time to open it  then and there on the floor in the midst of the unpacking panorama.

Well! I was stunned. It was like reaching into a Mary Poppins bag; things kept appearing from the depths of endless goodies.  Jane E.  would say  I was “gobsmacked.”

What I have done to deserve this box, complete  with plastic balls and lizard for Gian and tatting goodies for me: beads, two amazing vintage hankies, matching thread for the blue hanky, doodads of all shapes and sizes, sweets, tins, plastic containers, beads and more bugle beads and beads and BEADS and more beads, is beyond me!

Also included is one round wooden thingy called a TUIT ( I looked it up: it is an “I’ll get around to it” badge) Something new indeed!

Also, there were two delightful cards - one for me and one for Gian, all this from a far-away Tat-Land friend who desires anonymity. Thank you, dear friend. This surprise could not have arrived at a more opportune time. 

The other thing that has saved - or rather somewhat preserved -  my sanity - thank you Jane E.  -  is the 2013 T.I.U.T.  All things go better with a  good old tatting mystery...
Day Nine

Jon’s beautiful free Johar design has also come into play over the weekend. Lovely motif.  I am using thread sent to me from Snowy and it is lovely. I believe it is one of Yarnplayer’s HDTs???

Monsieur G. desires another word or two... 
He has been most vocal!


  1. Hi Fox,

    Well what a surprise, they don't happen very often, I am glad your move went OK, and hopefully you are settled into your new home.
    I am so glad he's better now and give him a hug from me.
    The motif is looking good and beautiful colours, so is your TIAS
    Do you think I could have your new address please.
    Hugs Margaret

  2. ...welcome to your new home...take your time and feel home...what a wonderful surprise at the end of that day...

  3. Looks like you will be extra busy for awhile!! :)
    Great tatting on the TIAS-looks like a baby bed to me. :)
    Your Johar star looks awesome!!! :)

  4. What a wonderful gift.
    Wow! you are completely unpacked? goodness, what organization.

    How is your new apt? will be get a tour? he he.
    have fun in your new place

  5. WOW! I mean W O W! What an amazing array of wonderful goodies in your package. Honestly, I just said it on my blog recently but the generosity of the tatting community continues to amaze me. Lots of things to have fun with, I look forward to seeing what you'll make with them.

  6. What a wonderful treasure trove to open in your new home! Wishing you and Gian much happiness there. I can see there will be lots of fun beaded and doodadded tatting coming up! Yay!

  7. So glad the move went well! And relieved to know Gian is OK (oh, those blue eyes!), although I'm sure he's constantly checking everything out and looking for his new perch from which to survey his new world! You seemed to take this move in stride and had it very well organized!

    I can't get over that box you received! What a nice surprise and generous gift!

  8. Glad the move is over and you got such an awesome surprise! Enjoy!

  9. Gian looks handsome wherever he is. I hope both of you are settling in alright in your new place. Your surpise package is awesome. I wish I had thought of it.