Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Never Again #10

WHERE was the warning label? WHERE? Where is it, the label on the ball of Cebelia #10, where it tells you there will be danger to your hands and to not tat with it if you are packing up to move; where it comes with a tube of soothing salve and bandages, which will come in handy when you have packed all yours for the move and your hands are RAW and HURT and STILL you keep on tatting... through the night, box after box, stitch after stitch till you think you will go mad... unpicking the knot in the T.I.A.S., tatting in your underwear before you have even showered... tatting to beat the band... ta-da..

Can you see the Josephine Knots?

I thought they would give the piece some ballast.

Day 7

And, really. My hands are a mess. That heavy thread is murder on the skin - dries it out like crazy and then I cannot use cream when I tat - too greasy! Never again, number ten!

So, why am I tatting and not packing? 
What a very foolish question!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!! That mat will be treasured for sure!!!! :)
    Prayers that your hands will heal quickly!!!!

  2. Ummm, then I'm not going to ask!!! I can't remember ever using size 10 except to teach with. Thanks for the warning!

  3. You're suffering for your art and your art is BEAUTIFUL! The Boss's doily has a lot of pizzazz - I like her color combination very much.

    Too bad about the size 10. I was wanting to try it but my hands are bad on a good day. Have you tried Gloves In a Bottle? I use it before I do handiwork because it isn't greasy and protects my skin. I save the regular lotion for bedtime. The combo keeps my hands in pretty good shape... except when the lotion walks away as it is prone to do at my house.

    :) Ann

    1. Thanks, Ann - I will look for this. Dry skin on fingertips and especially the thumb really is painful and I have all these little cuts that sting like mad! I appreciate the advice.
      Fox : )

  4. Hi Fox
    What are trying to do, give yourself a heart attack, calm down one thing at a time, pack up your boxes and then if you have five mins do a bit of tatting.
    Calm down it will still be there when you have moved.
    Love to Gian, he needs to stop you and make you have a break.

  5. Love the Josephine knots on that last round...terribly sorry your hands are in such a state though!

  6. Those JK are perfect.
    size 10 can be hard on your hands, don't know what it is, but seems to suck the moisture from your skin.
    Good luck with the packing and the move.
    Boss will wait for her mat, are you trying to finish it before the move?

  7. Sounds like a tough, tough call.
    I hope things improve soon. :)

  8. Dear Fox,

    Stay away from size 10 thread.

    Your friend, Diane

  9. You are truly intrepid! Nothing seems to stop you! There must be an award in Tat Land for this kind of dedication! And you're designing your own doily, too, in the midst of all this confusion! I do sympathize with Gian, though! His whole world is being disrupted and he doesn't know why! Make sure you put a sticker on him! And I KNOW you're keeping track of all your tatting supplies, books, etc!

    Hope all goes well with your move!

  10. I've found that some size 10 thread is more tightly spun than others, even within the same brand. The thread I'm using now is the same as size 10, but quite soft, a Milford satin. Fine on the hands, but I'm not sure how durable. Your mat will last forever!! Good luck with the move.

  11. LOL! Good luck with the move! I found that although I tend to procrastinate as it is, it got even worse when I had to pack to move. At least moving out comes with a deadline. Unpacking after a move is a whole different story!

    I understand your frustrations with size 10 thread. I am currently working on something with size 10 that would have been done a long time ago with any smaller thread. I have so little left to do, but I cannot bring myself to work on it mainly because of the thread.