Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Way

I have no patience for this mat anymore...the move is surely getting to me, though there is not much to pack. Becoming disturbed by the unsettled feeling in our tiny space, caused by the growing pile of boxes, Gian is not  his usual chipper self either - he knows something is up.

Ah well, it shall be over on Friday and really, I cannot complain, as there really is not a whole lot to do. Plus, I am so well-organized that I have done all necessary re-location things - address changes and so forth.

But - going back to patience: I HAVE NONE! So, Mr. Stawasz patterns are not sitting well with me in this particular state. That final row on the cap demands a lot of attention and I am not willing at the moment, so I have taken another edging in the book and will tat it around the mat.

Actually, I am not fond of those petal-like edges, like the ones on the cap and the Renulek pattern.

So, I shall apply a simpler edging, also from Jan’s book. The Boss will not care and it will be finished far earlier. Most importantly, I will like it better. : )

No more large doilies for me. I want to get back to small, contained motifs - even to  design a couple of things that are brewing in my brain -  but first I want to finish all incomplete tatting. And move!

Last, but definitely not least, the 
best fun of the tatting week:
Day Six  -  T.I.A.S.


  1. Boss will LOVE that mat.

    Wish you all the best in your move- when it feels too much, just think of lovely laundry with NO lint!

  2. Don't give up yet! Altho I can totally sympathize with large-doily-madness... sounds like a tatting medical condition! I also just finished a large piece and am really enjoying little projects. Hope the move goes well for you! :-)

  3. I know the feeling of not being able, The tat along mat went wrong and I had to cut off a little bit, could I get it going again, no my mind did not work, now I am home perhaps I can get my mind back into a mojo mood and finish the 4th row.
    Perhaps in the next couple of days I can start the TIAS and catch up with you all.
    We arrived home yesterday we are back to rain now the snow has melted.
    I hope Gian will be ok, animals always know when something is up and I hope he settles into his new home soon
    Take care hope the move goes ok.

  4. I see nothing wrong with changing an element within a pattern when it doesn't work for you. It is your own project in the end. Any number of different edgings would look very well with the mat as it is at present.

    I can certainly understand the loss of patience with all the stressers in your life right now. Cats as well as little children can feel the changes around them.

    good luck with the move. and blessings on your new domicile. Gian will be pleased once he calms down.

  5. Don't forget to put butter on his paws when you move!

  6. You are already very patient, considering you have done quite a number of doilies consecutively! Well done, Fox, anyhow.

    Good luck on the move, and looking forward to catching up after.

  7. Hi Fox, the doily turns out nicely with this dark edging! A move, round the corner, makes as much work as moving to another city ;-))- enjoy the new chance!
    All best wishes, Gunhild

  8. I understand you very well. When a lot is going on, really hard to stay focused and find a lot of patience. And it's about crafts is that caused us pleasure and do not be forced into things that we do not like to do :)

    I keep my fingers crossed for a successful move!

  9. Phew, you've done amazingly to get all that done in the middle of packing! I agree with Ladytats, no need to slavishly follow a pattern if it doesn't suit you.

  10. Your mat is looking really nice!! I bet it will be loved!! :)

  11. Thanks everyone. Your comments have given me packing energy!!
    Fox : )