Thursday, January 31, 2013

Endings And Beginnings

Yes, I did want to finish The Boss’s mat before I moved and I have managed it - just... The truck will arrive in 12 hours and I have a few things left to pack, but Gian and I are going to sleep early, or at least he is. I am going to attempt an early lights out..

It was a long day and my hands hurt; moving is a right pain! Grumble grumble.

But I am happy I finished the piece. The Boss got very excited, her mom told me, when she saw a photo of it in an email I sent her today.

 Tatting does make the big chores easier!

Another thing... I had to rewind the bobbin many times with the #10 thread - it does make a huge difference in coping with ends when one tats with gigantic rope. NEVER again.

#32/100 MC

Inspired by Jan Stawasz Pattern for Cap          
Tatted in #10 (yucky) Cebelia


  1. This mat is wonderful - and great colors for the Boss! Wait til she sees it in person! I am so impressed that you did finish it before the move, but feel bad that your hands are so sore. I certainly can't tell from the photo that this is 'rope'. I have rarely tatted with size 10 and don't remember if it was Cebelia. A Tatsy would have held more thread, but I don't think you would like tatting with it, when you're used to bobbins and a hook now. And you did such a nice job with this design!

    Hoping all goes well with the move! Anxious to see how Gian adapts!

  2. Well done for finishing! I'm glad the boss is pleased, she's right to be.

  3. It's so pretty - I almost thought of making one for my 4-yr-old granddaughter who is about to move into a Big Girl Bed - as opposed to the toddler bed she has been sleeping in and refuses to give up because it's Dora the Explorer...but I think I have been strong enough to resist the urge.
    Size 10 is actually a good sturdy thread, for a doily, or a bedside mat - the tiny lacy ones look exquisite, but for something that will take a lot of punishment, I think you have chosen well.
    I have enough on - can't be sidetracked.

  4. All the best for your move Fox - I hope it all goes smoothly. We shall look forward to your first post from your new home.

    And well done in completing another doily! You're lucky to have a young one who appreciates your tatting.

  5. Lucky little girl! Good luck, Bonne chance and bonam fortunam today!

  6. It does look pretty, but I would like mine in size 40 and blue, please. ;-)

    I hope your move goes smoothly!

  7. So pretty! It turned out great! Good luck with the move!

  8. That mat looks very nice Fox.
    Best wishes for your move. We will look forward to the first post from the new place. Do we get a virtual tour?


  9. That is a stunning mat, the colours blend together beautifully. Have a safe move.

  10. Hope the move goes smoothly, and Gian settles into the new place without problems. Wishing you much happiness in your new home, Fox!
    I'm sure The Boss will love her mat!