Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tat-Land Magic

Jennifer Williams has some very lovely patterns. 

I saw this one on Frivole’s blog and she thoughtfully
published the link to Jennifer’s patterns. 

6/100 MC
I downloaded a bunch of patterns and chose randomly, to break from the Honey Napkin.

Having just checked Fivole’s blog, I realized this is the same pattern! Out of the 17 patterns in a folder on my desktop, I pulled out this one. Well, not surprising  -  Tat-Land Magic!

Ladytats sent me the thread and is one of the prettiest Lizbeth variegates I have used: Vineland Harvest, I believe it is called.

This thread is #20, which was surprisingly nice to work with after all the #40 I have been using exclusively - except for the #8 of the Honey Napkin.

The Finca #8 is becoming very tedious to tat.

Forgive the analogy, but while tatting with it the thought of toilet paper springs to mind.It really is a s-o-f-f-f-t twist. Separates and fluffs if I just breath on it. But, it is sure looking pretty.

I tried adding too much red in the next round and decided to forgo it. However, I do know where I shall be adding it later, for I can finally see the next available spot ahead in the pattern. It has just revealed itself to me. : ))


  1. Fab Fox! I love your Jennifer Williams motif in those colours and very nice tatting too - doesn't it have a lovely shape? If it's Vineyard Harvest, it's one of my favourite Lizbeth.

  2. I like that small motif. it is so pretty. and that is my fav Lizbeth thread colorway too.
    I love your Honey Napkin, it is looking so very smart. I too think that would have been too much read to use it for the whole round.
    Have a great day.

  3. I do like the motif in the colors you've chosen. I'll have to look more closely at Jennifer Williams site... I've only taken a quick peek. The Honey Napkin is looking beautiful! I do like that color combo.

  4. ROFL, tatting with toilet paper!!! You come up with the most brilliant metaphors sometimes!

    I love the way the Jennifer Williams motif looks with a solid and variegated together. Your tatting is lovely as well.

    The "napkin" is looking nice, too. I think the red would have looked fine, but so does the beige. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of it goes.

  5. Both the motif and the doily are looking good.

    I really marvel at your determination to finish up the huge doily. Have fun.

  6. Hi Fox

    I saw her blog and I also followed the link and found some great little patterns to download. Your motif look lovely and the colours are beautiful well done.

    The napkin is coming although nicely, I have not done any more to mine it's sitting here looking at me, I will get back to it, when I have finished snowflake and fluffy angels.

    Love to Gian
    Hugs Margaret

  7. Your motif is beautiful!! :)
    And that doily is just so majestic looking!!! :)

  8. Perfect tattings! I love so much your Jennifer Williams motif in these bright colors!

  9. The honey napkin is coming along beautifully! Nice Jennifer Williams's tat, and I do like that colourway. I'm off to check out the patterns. Thanks for the link!