Thursday, November 22, 2012

Splendour of Seven!

First of all,

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 
to my American Family and Friends!

Then the Honey Napkin at the end of seven rows.

Moving on to row 8.
Inspired as always by:


  1. I am loving your Honey Napkin. I'm trying to talk myself out of joining you, it looks fun!
    Gian is too cute. I am on a mission to not eat too much today.

  2. Thanks for the Greetings, Fox! It's a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania, which is also something to be very grateful for. I'm especially happy because we are invited to dinner at our niece's house. So no cooking for me!!

    This 'napkin' is really gorgeous, although I admit I don't think I could tolerate the repetition! I love the band of red, too! And more to come! And you're working on the other one, too, not to mention your other many projects in between! Amazing!

    Nice to see Gian looking so 'relaxed'!!

  3. Thank you for the Thanksgiving greetings! Your Honey Napkin is looking splendid. Kudos to you for doing two large projects at once! I would have a hard time staying with this napkin due to the repetition. I'm spoiled by small projects I think.

  4. Thank you Fox, and many blessings to you as well on this day of Thanksgiving. I want to say Thank you to you for all your wonderful tatting inspiration and your delightful posts.
    Thank you for being a good tatting friend.

  5. Hi Fox

    Your mat looks beautiful well done.
    He looks very comfortable and why have a good nap after a good meal, I have a husband looks like that after a good meal on the settee
    Love to Gian

  6. Gian looks mighty comfy.
    The honey napkin looks wonderful!

  7. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! I admire your "stick with-it-ness" on the Honey Napkin. It's so pretty and so much tatting involved.

    Hugs to Gian. :)

  8. What a fabulous job you are doing on that doily!!! :)